Aren't They Awesome? ;)


25 May 2010

Youtube Find: Applegirl

Instead of my occasional Etsy Finds, I want to try this Youtube Find :D. Recently I found this video of Applegirl from a friend and I immediately love her, she's really awesome! I love her voice :) 

Check out the video:

I can't help but to notice her nails, her nails shade look so cute and pretty :). And also the cool iPhone Apps make me want to have iPhone even more now!

Nic Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots' Awesome Giveaway!

To celebrate the opening of her new Japanese cosmetic store (A Pop of Kawaii), Nic Nic is holding an awesome giveaway with six winners! Check out her store :)

Look at the prizes! She's really generous.

Enter here (Ends on: 6th June 2010)

Hope everyone will have a great week ahead :)

20 May 2010

Love from Angel!

Few weeks ago, I received a love package from Angel of *♥Angel's Beauty World♥*. She's a fellow Indonesian blogger who is currently staying in the US. Recently I've just found out that she's actually my birthday twin! We were born on the exact same day and same year. What a coincidence :D.
She's being a sweetheart to send me a couple of Revlon lippies that she loves to let me try, this is even before we know that we are birthday twin :)

She added a lot of goodies for me! Thanks love <3

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude and Revlon Lipstick in Blush

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss in Sweet Pink and Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
It's like she could read my mind! I love Burt's Bees Lip Balm :D

Sephora Mascara and Sephora Eye Shadow in Aspen Summit

Some teas, snacks, sweets and chocolates which of course are gone by now :D.

Thank you so much for all the goodies, Angel! I'm so glad to 'meet' you on blogosphere, hopefully one day I'll be able to meet you in person! :)

17 May 2010

Food: Homemade Dumpling

Few days ago, my mum came out with an idea to make our own handmade dumpling which she has learned from her Shanghai trip on last year. And I agreed to help her. But first I want to apologize cause I don't know what the ingredients are as I only helped rolling the doughs which is shown in the pic below :p.

Please excuse the irregular shapes, it's my first time :D

The meat filling, actually it's the extra meat filling from Yong Tao Foo that my mum made on last week.

I think my mum's skill is pretty good, I'd tried to wrap some but they turned out hideous, LOL.

The outcome, the little meatball is the extra meat filling :p. It tasted pretty good but the dough was too thick, LOL. I guess my rolling skill still needs to be improved. But at least it wasn't that bad for a first timer :D.

On another note...
Meet the newest member of my house!
Isn't he cute?
He's just one week old, hasn't opened his eyes yet.

Look how cute his pose is when he's asleep :D


14 May 2010

Review: The Face Shop Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser

Remember my last The Face Shop haul? I bought this Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser that has been talked about :D. I've used it for almost two months now, and i think it's time to do a review about this spot eraser.

 Description (on the box): Gentle brightening formula effectively fades post-acne marks

left: before, right: after 1 week.
 note: don't bother the scar on the corner left bottom, it's a chickenpox scar. nasty I know...

My thought:
I guess the pic says it all. The spot eraser does work its job but not much. After one week, the post-acne scar is still there although it's almost gone. The scar on the pic was a new scar, and I notice that the spot eraser works much better on a new scar. When I applied it on my old acne scar, it took almost one month to actually fade it out. For some people, it works quickly but not for me. So you really have to try it out for yourself to know the effectiveness. I also notice that when I  applied it on a pimple that was going to appear, the next day the pimple was gone. I think it doesn't just work on post-acne scar but pre-acne too :D. And the scent of this spot eraser is just like any other The Face Shop's product, it has a mild flower scent which I like.

- Relatively affordable (around SGD 20 or USD 15)
- Fades/lighten acne scar
- Prevent acne
- Easily found (for me)
- Decent scent

- Took quite a long time to fade the scar (esp. on an old scar)
- Hard to find (for some people)

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Probably Yes

Disclaimer: The product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company I mentioned above. This is my honest opinion, product that works on me doesn't mean it works on you and vice versa.

11 May 2010

Weekend in Singapore

Last weekend, I went to Singapore with my sister as she was going there to submit her university application. Of course I wouldn't want to miss the chance to tag along with her :D. We went to a couple of our fave restaurants there with our cousin and enjoy the food. Here's the food porn :p.

(Warning: long post & pic heavy)

One of my fave western restaurant.

Grilled chicken baked rice, yumm!

Beef Lasagna

Marble cheesecake, one of the best cheesecake!

We're trying out this Asiankitchen. It turned out to be a Taiwanese restaurant.

Stewed pork rice (lu rou fan)

Glutinous rice

Oyster rice noodle

Fried chicken with apple

One of the best Japanese restaurant in town!

Fresh salmon sashimi

Soft shell crab roll with fish floss

Ebi don

Ebi soba

Chicken Teriyaki

Of course I didn't get home empty handed, grabbed some stuffs that I've been curious about :D
Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear - I'm trying this out for my frequent blemishes.
Etude House Hand Cream - I've heard good things about it.
L'Occitane Green Tea Hand Cream - Can't resist green tea scent and the BOGO promotion, share it with my cousin.
Muji Cleansing Oil - Have heard great things about this too.
Nexcare Acne Patch - Back up, I really love it!
Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Was raved by Bubzbeauty

I also got The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack and Olay Regenerist Eye Cream but I forgot to take the pic :p.

Have a great day everyone! :)

08 May 2010

Love Package from Katie & Y

Hey everyone! I'm in Singapore right now, and this is a scheduled post :D. Will be back on Sunday to spend Mother's day with my mom :)

Sometimes ago I won a giveaway that was hosted by Katie, I was very excited when I found out about it cause the prize was Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette. I've heard so much great things about Coastal Scents palette so I'm thrilled to have finally got a chance to try it. Here's the palette:

Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait to mix n match those colors :D. But sadly, when I got the package, the palette was slightly damaged at the corner right bottom. Some of the shadows are chipped, but you can't actually notice it and may think that I've just used them too much, hehe... Note to postman: Please handle the package with care, when it says so :D.

And Katie is so sweet to add some extras for me:
E.l.f. falsies, E.l.f. lip brush and NYX lipstick in Christie.
Thank you so much for the love, Katie :)

I also got very lucky to win another giveaway from Y of XX Chronicles. I was told that I'm going to get two pairs of earrings but I got three pairs instead! That's just too sweet of Y. Thank you so much <3
Aren't those earrings cute? :D

Have a great weekend!

05 May 2010

Swatch: Canmake & MAC

Canmake Cream Cheek & Nudy Glow Lip Gloss

I've mentioned on my previous post that I got two Canmake products from my Taiwan trip, which are:
Canmake Cream Cheek #01 Peach Dream & Canmake Nudy Glow Lip Gloss #04 Sugar Milk Tea

Here are the swatches:
I really love the Cream Cheek, despite the name is peach dream, the shade doesn't really turn out to be peach, it looks more pink-ish than peach-ish. Although it looks shimmery on the swatch, but when you apply it on your cheeks, you can barely notice it. It also makes my cheeks look natural and glowing. I think I'll get more shades from this Cream Cheek :D.
The Nudy Glow lip gloss is very pigmented. I'm so glad that I got this too cause I haven't had any lip gloss that as creamy as this one. This sugar milk tea shade looks naturally nude on me and I can wear it alone without applying lipstick first. Amy has done a very great review for this Nudy Glow lip gloss, check it out here.

MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga
This is a very belated birthday present for myself :p. When I saw a lot of bloggers rave about this particular lippie, I just can't resist to get one for myself as I've never had this shade before. I think I don't have to bother to describe this as you all must have already seen tons of reviews for this lippie.  I'm thinking of getting Viva Glam Cindy too :D. Here's the swatch on my arm:

Speaking of lipstick, I still remember that when I was young, my siblings and me used to play my mom's makeup. We were not playing it like really doing a makeup on our face but we were using it just for fun. Like there was one time my sister applied one of my mom's lipstick around my bro's eyes to make him look like a panda, LOL. The thing is the lipstick that she used was a relatively new lipstick. Of course my mom got very angry when she found out about it cause the lipstick's shape had become so weird and she could hardly use it anymore. I think I will be mad, like really mad if someone does that to my lipsticks too, esp. if it's my fave one. Hehe...

02 May 2010

A Piece of Me... in Mei 2010

A game hosted by Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy

This month....

I like: that I've started to learn how to drive now! Hopefully by the end of this month I'll be able to drive to anywhere I want :D

I don't like: that I keep putting on weight! It's only been one month and I've gained 2 kg (4.4 lbs)... sigh...

I want you to know: that my hometown is really beautiful. Here's one of the shot that I took in my hometown :)

I've planned: to eat less now, i don't want end up gaining 10 kg (22 lbs) in just a few months.

I want to say to someone special: Mom, don't cook too much delicious foods please? You know that I can't resist them ;p. Nonetheless, I still love you <3

Skin Food BR608
Another NOTD from me :), or I should call NOTM, LOL. Okay, I'll try to do my nails more than once in a month from now on :D. I really love this nail polish. It really is a perfect nude color for me. I love using it when I don't want to be distracted by my nails color. The staying power is just okay though, it started to chip in just 3 days. But still, I keep reaching for this nail polish. Btw, excuse my dry cuticles :p

Hope everybody had wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead :)