Aren't They Awesome? ;)


26 June 2009

Skin Food Lover!

Recently i fell in love with Skinfood, a Korea brand skincare and makeup. My first ever Skinfood product is Kiwi Yogurt Mask. When i went to a Skinfood outlet and asked the SA there about face masks, she recommended me Cucumber Mask, Kiwi Yogurt Mask and Banana Yogurt Mask. As i don't really like the smell of banana so i just have to choose the 2 lefts. After reading those products' detail, i chose Kiwi Yogurt Mask because it said it can minimize pores (which i really need).
I used this product thrice, and quite like it because it is comforting and soothing my skin. About the pore minimization, i haven't feel the effect yet.
After this mask, i browsed on net to see another Skinfood product, and immediately interested with their BB Cream, esp. Aloe BB Cream (heard it is good on oil control). So i went to the Skinfood outlet again, and bought it along with Buckwheat Loose Powder and Tea Tree Essence. I bought the Buckwheat LP to apply after BB Cream. While Tea Tree Essence, it is because the SA saw that i have acne problem and introduce me to use Tea Tree Toner, but as i am using Bodyshop's Tea Tree Oil Toner, i chose to buy Tea Tree Essence. Actually at that time i was interested with Tea Tree Emulsion too, but as i already bought 3 stuffs, i chose to buy at another time.

You can see those products' detail on the links above. After using Aloe BB Cream, i immediately fall in love with it. It has a nice smell and easy to blend with my skin (i use shade #1), and the best part of it is it can cover my acne scar!!! Absolutely LOVE it. Buckwheat LP also has a nice smell, although it goes well with my skin tone (#23 Natural Beige), i am not crazy about it. Maybe it is because i already have so much love with the BB Cream :p.
As for Tea Tree Essence, i love it too. When i apply it on the night, the next morning my face not as oily as i used to be. And my acne scar seems faded. So i definetely will continue using it.

After i read this, i think i won't consider Tea Tree Emulsion anymore. She (i assumed) said it ways too creamy and not suitable for oily skin. So, i will find other Skinfood's products to add on my list. Next time i will post my Skinfood wishlist :)