Aren't They Awesome? ;)


24 March 2011

EkiLove is Love!

We all know how ekiLove's pieces are always sold out really fast. So when I saw it was updated on late January, I immediately ordered some of the pieces that I like and they arrived shortly after. It was an instant love! :D

It came with really nicely packed!

Small floral pouch
Her sewing skill is amazing!

with a crown zipper charm

Vintage floral bow
also got a matching floral bow

Heart you necklace
A really beautiful necklace! <3

Crown + Bow earrings
The picture doesn't do it justice, it's so much more beautiful in real life.

A really sweet extra from Eki!

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchase! I can see myself purchasing more from her! :D
Right now, all items on ekiLove's 75% of the proceeds will be donating to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund, it's a really great cause so please support her!

P.S.: I'll be on my vacation trip tomorrow and will be back on next week, so till next week! :)

20 March 2011

Two-Year Blog Anniversary & Universal Studios Singapore!

Time really flies, it seems like it was only yesterday my blog had turned one-year-old and now my blog is two-year-old! I'd like to thank all of you for always supporting me even though I haven't been posting much for these past few months. This year feels exceptionally busy with everything's that been going on and I really do appreciate your understanding for my lack of posts.

On another note, last week I went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with my friends. We had a really great time there and of course we took tons of pics :D. Here are some of the highlights!

*Pic Heavy*

The Universal Globe
*It's really hard to get the pic without anyone there*

Spotted! The Kungfu Panda :D
*That's not us btw*

Posing with Marilyn Monroe! :D

It's still under construction when we went there :(

But we managed to pose with the main characters!

Enchanted Airways and Far Far Away Castle

The Ogre Outhouse

Us with the crews!

Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coasters
*They look really scary so we didn't took the rides :p*

Revenge of the Mummy enclosed roller coaster
*It was total darkness but it was really fun! Two of my friends even took the ride twice, I didn't though :D*

Overall, it was a really great experience in the USS and I'd love to visit there again and again! :D Till next time!

P.S.: I'll try to reply all of your comments soon!

07 March 2011

A Piece of Me... in March 2011

A game hosted by Shirley of *We Love Toothfairy*

This month....
I like: vacation trips! I'm so excited for them, can't wait to shop and eat lots of food :D

I don't like: busy days, this month feels so packed with quite a lot of events.

I want you to know: As you can see, I'm very slow on updating my blog and commenting for these past few months. I miss the time when I was able to post regularly and comment on your posts but I'm just too overwhelmed with everything that's been going on around me right now. I even had a thought to just stop blogging but I know I'll miss this, it's just thought though and hopefully it won't happen anytime soon. So, hope you guys won't mind if I'm  not posting regularly :)

I've planned: to get everything done before my trips.

I want to say to someone special: miss you!