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30 October 2009

More Packages & Pasta de Waruku

Okay, yesterday was my another happy day cause i've received my long wait packages. Yap, they are from the giveaways i've won in the past, i think i got pretty much luck in the last two months :D but not anymore cause i didn't win anything anymore... actually it probably because i didn't join as much giveaway that i used to join.. hehe..

First, an Always Inspire Simplicity Set i've won from a giveaway that was hosted by The Dress-up Drawer...

i love the print! i'm currently using the card holder for my don't-fit-my-wallet-anymore cards... :D

Second, a set of 5 natural feminine products from April M. Designs, a giveaway i've won from Shop ByHand...

i never expect to win something like these. LOL. i was just entering the giveaway for fun. and i don't think i will ever use these cloth sanitary pads or panti liners.. anyone interested? :D

Third, a very cute cloud mobile by Sylvie of The Butter Flying, a giveaway hosted by Yellowgoat...

very cute right? i'm wondering where should i hang it on...

And last, a {GUSSY} pouch from a giveaway that was hosted by The Sweetest Petunia, sad to say this particular blog is not available anymore..

i loooove this pouch! it's in my bag now for storing my makeup kits.. :D

It's for the food time now! two days ago i was going out with my sister and we spotted a restaurant that we've never tried before, so we decided to give it a try. the restaurant is Pasta de Waruku (check their website here). it's a western-style Japanese food restaurant. okay, enough talking.. let's see the FOODS!!

i like the atmosphere at here, very cozy... do you notice the lights? they look exactly like tomato slices.. very creative right?

the top 10 dishes.. it's funny to say that none of our dishes are from here cause we're too busy looking at the menu.. :D

you guys understand now why we didn't pick from the top 10 right? cause all of them look delicious!

Macha Milkshake.. i loooooove it!

the appetizer.. i forgot the name.. but it's really yummy!

my sister's Carbonara Waruku Style, you can tell by how it looks right? absolutely delicious!

my Spaghetti alla Bolognese.. this one is absolutely yummy too!

this salmon slice is actually an appetizer, but after finished eating those pastas, my sister wanted to try this too.. then she asked the waiter if the salmon was fresh, and he guaranteed that it's very fresh... when he served this to us, he made sure that we're satisfied with this.. and it's really fresh....! me and my sister claimed that this was the best salmon sashimi we've ever tasted! but you guys must make sure to ask it's freshness before ordering this too... :D

This is an absolutely must-try restaurant. i'll definitely go back there.. and i give this restaurant 9 out of 10! 9 cause i'm not sure it's really this perfect... but the food, the place and the service are two thumbs up! i think Pasta de Waruku is also available at Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong... i'm not sure where it's originally from but probably it's from Singapore...

27 October 2009

Reviews & Food Porn :)

Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder
Here is the review that Blair has requested... sorry for the delay, Blair.. :)

Description (from
This loose powder with its soft, fine particles offers a bloomingly radiant, flawless finish.
Buckwheat oil creates incredibly transparent, shine-free skin tone, with silky-smooth texture.
* Use:
After foundation, dap gently in following order: forehead→eyelids→cheeks→lips.
Press remaining residue gently under eyes.

My thought:
I love the packaging, but it's kinda bulky so it's not really convenient to bring it along... the texture is really smooth so it's easy to apply with. and the scent is really nice.. this loose powder doesn't really have much coverage but the oil-control is really good.. there's a big difference between when i'm using this loose powder and when i'm not.. my face is less oily with this loose powder..

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase: Yes! i love this even if it's my first ever loose powder!

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

Description (from
An intense look in a single stroke with our must-have industry leading mascara.

The secret? The triple-film complex. A coating film for intensity, a conditioning film for curve, a fixing film for long-lasting effectiveness. Even the brush applicator combines nylon fibers of varying diameters for volume enhancement as never before.

My thought:
When i first open the cap, i immediately fell in love with the scent.. the scent is really nice.. and even when i've applied it on my lashes, it's still there.. but it's kinda hard to apply, or probably it's just me cause i don't usually use mascara.. although it claims for the volume effect, it doesn't really volume up my lashes, instead it does good on lengthening.. here's how it looks on my eye (sorry for the crap picture, i've tried to take it on different ways but i still don't know how to take a nice picture of my eyes :p)

Rating: 4/5 (because of the scent and the lengthening effect!)

Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Waterproof Mascara

Description (from
Get a blast of bold, volumized lashes - rain or shine! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.
- Instant volume and fullness
- Resists water and smudging
- Hypoallergenic and suitable for lens wearers

My thought:
I got this from Nic :) it's kinda bulky but it's easier for me to hold than the YSL mascara.. and it's easy to apply.. as it claims it doesn't smudge easily and really good on volumizing lashes.. my eye lashes are thicker with this.. but the only thing that bugs me is it's kinda hard to apply on the lashes in the corner of my eyes..
here's how it looks on my eye lashes:

Rating: 4/5

Comparison between YSL and CG mascara:

Which one do you think is better? i like the volumizing effect from CG but also like the lengthening effect from YSL..

Food Porn!! :D
I went out with my bf yesterday and had lunch in this local restaurant called "Bakmi GM"

this is what bf had.. their signature..

and here's mine.. this portion is very big.. i can't even finish it..

fried dumpling.. very yummy with it's tomato sauce..

22 October 2009

Packages Overload!!

I just got home from a trip yesterday, although it was tiring me and my family really enjoy it... sorry, i couldn't post the pics now cause i'm still waiting for my brother to send me the pics, he was the photographer of the day... LOL..

Well, when i got home, i saw these few packages that had made my day...

Three of them are from the giveaways that i've won, and one is from my favorite BBB Nic of Spoiled Rotten...

First, a pair of pretty earrings that i've won from Michiko of HappyFairyTale... it took a month to get here..

Michiko is really sweet for including an origami bird in the package...

Second, another pair of very cute earrings that i've won from YellowGoat... Her jewelries are very cute and pretty... this package took 3 weeks to get here...

this pair of clothing clip earrings are very cute, right?

Third, a vintage wallet that i've won from Nashville Fille Giveaway that was hosted by Courtney of Dalena Vintage... this one is pretty fast, just two weeks to get here...

i loooove the wallet and it also smells really nice, it's like cinnamon.. LOL.. she also included an Autumn Mix songs...

And last but not least, a huge love from Nic... she insisted to send this out as a thank you for the package i've sent to her.. but it's way much more than i've sent for her... i feel so embarrass and happy at the same time, didn't expect that this package is going to be full of love and my package to her was just a tiny package... she is really nice and sweet girl... Thank you so much Nic!!!

two little cute HK stickers...

.....and the loves!!!

She got me so many stuffs that i've never tried before, and some of them are stuffs that she love... OMG, i really don't know what to say except thank you Nic... i really appreciate you as my friend too =)... the bow hairpins match my dress that i've posted before, is this a coincidence? hehe...

i still have a few packages that haven't arrived yet... it's weird because those packages i still wait are since two months ago... and these are just since one month ago... the post office here is really weird... =( i hope they will arrive soon...

11 October 2009

SK-II Miniature Set!!

I was so happy to receive this package when i got home after class yesterday, i've been waiting for it.. I was really surprise to see that the packaging is really small, just the size of my palm.. well, these are miniature size.. what more could i ask..

here is my haul:
SK-II Facial Clear Lotion (2), SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II Facial Clear Solution, SK-II Skin Refining Treatment, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils..

I've always wanted to try SK-II products, but was too afraid that after i purchase the full size bottle and it doesn't suit my skin.. so, when i saw there's an online shop here that selling the miniature size of SK-II, i can't resist myself to lay my hand on them! LOL.. I initially just wanted to try Facial Treatment Essence and Skin Refining Treatment, but there's an oily skin packet so i decided to get the packet instead.. but their Cleansing Oil was out of stock, so i change it to Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, also in travel size.. They're also selling cosmetics in miniature size and i was interested with the YSL Mascara.. so, that's pretty much what i've purchased.. =)

this is how the YSL Mascara looks like, it is really small, perfect for traveling.. I haven't tried the mascara yet, will update you guys if i've tried it..

P.S.: don't forget to check my sidebar, there are some giveaways on going.. Good Luck!!

10 October 2009

Tags & Awards!

Okay, here are the tags and awards i promised to do....

First, I've been nominated with
Gorgeous Blogger Award by Elle from With Love, Elle, Kalmo from Cambo Soup, Nic from Spoiled Rotten and Stephanie from Beauty and Gardens... Thank you so much girls!! Please do check their blogs, they are all awesome and have great posts on their blog...

I have to list 6 interesting facts about myself (i'm not sure i'm interesting though..), so here goes:

1. On previous award/tag i've said that i used to love watching wrestling, i forgot to mention that i love watching english football (soccer) too!! i stayed tune on every World Cup and Euro Cup matches... LOL

2. I'm introvert and shy plus don't like to talk to people i don't really know (i'm trying to change it now!), but once i get to know a person i'll have so much thing to talk about and like to crack some jokes with him/her...

3. I used to have a very fair skin when i was younger, some people even said that i looked like a japanese. But not since i was 10th year-old... I'd became darker, i think i was the darkest in my family... I just realized that i have to take care of my appearance when i was in college, luckily i had realized it just in time and bought a lot of whitening product.. and now i've became fairer than my sister! yay! LOL

4. My taste of music variates from pop, country, jazz to rock... i can listen to anything but disco and remix, they make me headache...

5. I was secretly wishing to become stewardess and nurse when i was younger.. well, i think it's every little girl's wishes too.. =)

6. I have unbalanced eyes, my left eye has double eyelid while my right eye has single eyelid... i really want to do surgery on my right eye one day...

And i was also awarded with
Hottest Female Blogger Award by Nic from Spoiled Rotten... Thank you so much Nic, you know you're my favorite =)

Nic from Spoiled Rotten and Ena from Shanghainese Dumpling also invited me to their party, thanks girls!
The question is: If you were going to allow us to spend a night at your home, we'd like to know the following:

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?
I love collecting and reading books, on my shelf you will see Harry Potter series, Mary Higgins Clark, Buffy series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Doraemon comics, Magazines etc...

2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?
It would be my all time favorite movie, the Lord of the Ring series... i also love all movie genre from action and sci-fi movies like X-Men to chick flick like the Notebook and the Devil Wears Prada..

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?
I don't own any cookbook, i usually ask my mum when i'm going to cook something.. LOL

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.
I don't know how to cook... Hmm.. how about Sushi Take-aways? I love sushi...

5. What will we be drinking that's available?
Wine, Vodka, Juice, Lemon Tea, Milk Tea, Coffee, etc...

Well, since you've been visiting my place, I think it's only fair to invite me over to yours, don't you?

I also received
Kreativ Blogger Award and Beautiful Blogger Award from Stephanie from Beauty and Gardens, thanks girl!

i've already done the
Kreativ Blogger tagged here

Nic from Spoiled Rotten also tagged me for
Over the Top Award...

Question with one-word answers...
Where's your cell phone: Bed
Your hair: Messy
Your mother: Loving
Your father: Strict
Favorite Food: Japanese
Dream last night: Forgot
Favorite drink: GreenTea (I'm cheating here.. LOL)
What room are you: Bed
Hobby: Eating!
Fear: Birds
Where were you last night: Home
Something that you aren't: Talkative
Muffins: Chocolate
Wish list item: Laptop
Where did you grow up: Bintan
What are you wearing: Pajamas
Your pets: None
Friends: Buddy
Something you're not wearing: Ring
Favorite store: Supermarket
Favorite color: Rainbow
Last time you laughed: Today
Your best friend: Family
Place you go to over and over: Bedroom
Person who emails you regularly: Subscriptions

08 October 2009

Daily Makeup Routine

Daily Makeup Routine tag by Nic from Spoiled Rotten, this is a real late tagged.. so sorry Nic..

Daily Cleanser:

- The Face Shop Green Tea Foam Cleanser: i like this cleanser, i can feel my face really clean right after i use this
- Skin Food Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion: my face make up remover, don't hate it but don't really like it too.. i don't think it cleans my makeup thoroughly
- The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover: this one is a sample size, luckily i didn't buy the normal size. it stung my eyes a bit..
- Skin Food Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off: i like this, i think it brightened up my skin
- Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off: just used it a few times, but i like that the beads are so small, so it doesn't feel rough on my skin

Daily Skin Care:

- The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner: my daily toner, but i'm considering of switching this when i finish this cause it just did what any other toner did to me
- Skin Food Tea Tree Essence: i don't hate it and like it too, i used to like this essence on the first few times i use it, but later i feel my face oilier after using this.. i have already finished it though..
- Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum: i want to love this product as i saw so many raves about it, but it caused me breakout.. i'm thinking of letting it go.. anyone?
- Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-on: it hasn't done anything to me yet, my dark circles are still obvious
- The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: i love this! it really could calm my big red pimple in just one night

Daily Makeup:

- The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection: i use this before i bought my BB cream, now it has been neglected by me.. :(
- Skin Food Aloe Vera BB Cream: i really love this! i basically use this every time i go out and even when i stay at home.. but i'll try another BB Cream when i've finished this
- Skin Food BuckWheat Loose Powder: i heart this too, the texture is really smooth
- Maybelline Make Up Foundation 3 in 1: i've finished this, i use this as my concealer..
- The Body Shop Tea Tree Cover Stick: new love! it covers my blemish well
- The Body Shop All in One Face Base: i use this as a retouch, but maybe i've became fairer cause it looks darker on my face now.. going to buy a new compact powder

- Maybelline Lipstick
- NYX Tinted Lip Spa
- The Body Shop Lip Balm
- Red Earth Lip Gloss
- Random Eye Lashes Curler
- Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box
- NYX Mosaic Powder
- Maybelline Mini Brush Mascara
- Maybelline XXL Volume+ Length Mascara
- The Body Shop Eye Definer
- Skin Food Black Bean Eye Liner Pen: i really don't recommend this, this eye liner is suck cause it smudges easily..

As you can see, i don't own much makeups, cause i usually don't use them.. but now i wanna get more cause i'm getting to do makeup more now!! and i'm waiting for my new skincare package to come..

So, for this tag i'm tagging everyone who haven't done this tag! please do this tag =)