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08 October 2009

Daily Makeup Routine

Daily Makeup Routine tag by Nic from Spoiled Rotten, this is a real late tagged.. so sorry Nic..

Daily Cleanser:

- The Face Shop Green Tea Foam Cleanser: i like this cleanser, i can feel my face really clean right after i use this
- Skin Food Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion: my face make up remover, don't hate it but don't really like it too.. i don't think it cleans my makeup thoroughly
- The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover: this one is a sample size, luckily i didn't buy the normal size. it stung my eyes a bit..
- Skin Food Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off: i like this, i think it brightened up my skin
- Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off: just used it a few times, but i like that the beads are so small, so it doesn't feel rough on my skin

Daily Skin Care:

- The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner: my daily toner, but i'm considering of switching this when i finish this cause it just did what any other toner did to me
- Skin Food Tea Tree Essence: i don't hate it and like it too, i used to like this essence on the first few times i use it, but later i feel my face oilier after using this.. i have already finished it though..
- Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum: i want to love this product as i saw so many raves about it, but it caused me breakout.. i'm thinking of letting it go.. anyone?
- Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-on: it hasn't done anything to me yet, my dark circles are still obvious
- The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: i love this! it really could calm my big red pimple in just one night

Daily Makeup:

- The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection: i use this before i bought my BB cream, now it has been neglected by me.. :(
- Skin Food Aloe Vera BB Cream: i really love this! i basically use this every time i go out and even when i stay at home.. but i'll try another BB Cream when i've finished this
- Skin Food BuckWheat Loose Powder: i heart this too, the texture is really smooth
- Maybelline Make Up Foundation 3 in 1: i've finished this, i use this as my concealer..
- The Body Shop Tea Tree Cover Stick: new love! it covers my blemish well
- The Body Shop All in One Face Base: i use this as a retouch, but maybe i've became fairer cause it looks darker on my face now.. going to buy a new compact powder

- Maybelline Lipstick
- NYX Tinted Lip Spa
- The Body Shop Lip Balm
- Red Earth Lip Gloss
- Random Eye Lashes Curler
- Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box
- NYX Mosaic Powder
- Maybelline Mini Brush Mascara
- Maybelline XXL Volume+ Length Mascara
- The Body Shop Eye Definer
- Skin Food Black Bean Eye Liner Pen: i really don't recommend this, this eye liner is suck cause it smudges easily..

As you can see, i don't own much makeups, cause i usually don't use them.. but now i wanna get more cause i'm getting to do makeup more now!! and i'm waiting for my new skincare package to come..

So, for this tag i'm tagging everyone who haven't done this tag! please do this tag =)


With Love, Elle said...

u are a skinfood n bodyshop fan!
xoxo elle

ONiC said...

baru tau skin food ada bb creamnya juga yah? call me so norak, but i'm addicted to bb cream since zoe gave me one. i currently using missha bb cream. just had try 2 different bb cream tho hehe

Diane said...

Love all the skin food and faceshop stuff. I'm jealous! Great post I love seeing people's daily routines.

adin_22 said...

awww..u got so much skinfood....I love to try the BBCream..When I was back home we used to have a skinfood store but I just ignored it...cuz' I wasn't really into makeup during those I regret not entering the store...

Shop N' Chomp said...

I see you are a huge Skin Food fan! :) Thanks for sharing your routine with us!

Manju said...

that's the The Body Shop cranberry Lip Balm, right? I adore that stuff, it smells so yummy ^^
happy friday babes!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

The comments section is openning now :P
Seems you like Skin Food a lot! What do you think about the facial masks in general?
I do have gold caviar toner and emulsion by skin food as well and it's kind of not so good :(

Becks said...

oo cool stuff, I like the Body Shop tea tree oil too, not much their face products though. I was using their grapeseed stuff (before it was discontinued) and totally made my face break out for the longest time (and I didn't even realize it till I stopped using it bc I attributed the breakouts to stress, silly me!). I hate the chamomile eyemakeup remover too! I don't think it removes anything!

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

wow, you have some very great products!

adin_22 said...

Ok....:) I'm better just a bit of sore throat & weather here is so windy makes my allergy worse...I promise to mail the package tomorrow dina....I'm so sorry for the delay....

Kalmo said...

Hi Dina!

Thanks for sharing your daily makeup routine. I'm in love with all your skin care and Skin Food items, they're so nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all of them as well. I want to try the buckwheat powder because I have oily skin so I'm always shiny. XD

Blair said...

Very nice skincare and makeup routine! Can you please review Skin Food BuckWheat Loose Powder if you haven't?