Aren't They Awesome? ;)


29 April 2010

Food Porn in Taiwan :D

I know it won't be complete without a food porn post for my Taiwan trip :D. On this year trip, I didn't take much of the food pics as most of the time we ate in restaurant and almost everytime when the food reached to me, they were half eaten. Also when we had the opportunity to eat at night market, it was always raining. Sad I know. So for this post, I'm going to combine the food pics that were taken from my last year trip to Taiwan too as on that trip I did eat a lot of foods! Hee... Enjoy! :)

(Warning: long post & pic heavy & mouth watering :p)

The famous Ah Chung rice noodles

Ding Wang Hotpot

This drink is absolutely good! It has my fave green tea and barley, what more could I ask :D

Oyster omelette

Stinky tofu

Cheap and yummy beef steak

Stinky tofu

Glutinous rice in bamboo

Fried sweet potato ball

Haha! I know you all must be drooling now :D *evil smile*

24 April 2010

Haul from Taiwan

As I've said on my previous post, I went Taiwan by joining a tour group so I've expected that I won't get much time to shop. But nevertheless, I still got to grab some beauty stuffs there :D

A bunch of MBD masks that I bought to share with my sisters and friends. They were doing a promo in Cosmed for buying five packs of any kind of MBD mask from natural line, we'll get one pack of White-tea Peony from luxury line for free. They told me that this promo will last until May. I think it's a pretty great deal.

Of course I didn't want to miss FaceQ masks that from the same company of MBD masks. I got all four of them :D
(Green: Luffa Adlay, Blue: Ocean Aloe, Red: Red Pomegranate Co Q10, Purple: Grape Seed Green Tea)

Last haul from Watsons. I only went to one Watsons store there, and was disappointed that it didn't have some stuffs that I wanted. But still, I got to buy some stuffs from my list.
First row: Cleansing sponge, Kawae oil blotting sheets, Mentholatum Acnes UV Tint, Carmex lip balm in green apple.
Second row: Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask, Nexcare Acne Dressing, MM Lash Expander Frame Plus, Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in 04 sugar milk tea, MM Honey Pump Lip Essence, Koji eyelash curler no.71, Canmake Cream Cheek in 01 peach dream.
I didn't buy the Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion but my sister did and she's loving it right now. Instead the lotion, I got the masks. Haven't tried them though. 

I was going to check out the Lush store in Taiwan but sadly it turned out that Taiwan's Lush got some problems (read here) and all of their retail stores were closed on the exact day when I was in Taipei. Sigh... What a coincidence...

That's it for my Taiwan trip's posts :) Till next time!

21 April 2010

Trip: One Week in Taiwan

I went to Taiwan last week with my family and relatives for around one week. We joined a tour group, and toured from Northern Taiwan to Southern Taiwan. We did have a lot of fun but it was tiring because we changed our hotel everyday and had to wake up very early. We visited mostly scenic area. These are the highlight pics of my trip from day 1 to the last day in Taiwan :) Enjoy!

(Warning: long post & pic heavy)

Day 1: It was raining. (HSR Hsinchu Station 新竹站)

 Traditional Dance at Formosa

Formosa is a theme park too, and this is one of the ride that we took.

Yes, that was us on the third row :D

Beautiful garden in Formosa

 Lavender Field

Day 2: Chingjing Veteran's Farm 清境農場 in Nantou 南投

There were so many sheep in Chingjing Farm

Looks like this one was smiling to us :)

Day 3: Our resort place in Nantou 南投

The spa in our resort

Beautiful view from our resort

Day 3: Wen Wu Temple 文武廟 in Nantou 南投

 From Wen Wu Temple 文武廟 we could see Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

 Day 3: View from Former British Consulate 打狗英國領事館 in Kaohsiung 高雄

Sunset at Kaohsiung 高雄

Day 4: We're climbing to see something (Kenting 墾丁)

Guess what were the crowd looking at?

It was this rock, called Maobitou 貓鼻頭 (Cat's nose). We were told that it resembles to cat.

Day 5: Hualien 花蓮

Pacific Ocean 太平洋

 Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園

 Day 6: Lunch at Five Cent Driftwood House 伍角船板 in Taipei 台北

 Unique interior design in Five Cent Driftwood House 伍角船板

 Day 7: Danshui 淡水

 Spotted! Two cute dogs :)

The last day in Taiwan, we stayed just across the street from Taipei 101

Have a great day everyone! :)