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24 January 2010

I Know...

I know I haven't posted for soooooo long. Most of you know the reason from my previous post. I've been busy with my thesis, it's almost done now. Yeah, almost. not completely. So I still have to finish it by next week. Fingers crossed for it :D. By the way, thank you for all of your sweet comments on my previous post! They mean really much to me.

I still do read all of your blog posts. I just have to resist myself from leaving comments cause I know I will spend much more times if I do. So, please excuse me for that.

And I hope it's not to late to say thanks, so thanks to Zoe, Kasia, Dee, Nee, Amy, Jordan, CeeCile and Joanna for tagging me, I'll do the tags once I'm free. Special thanks to Kasia for featuring me on her blog :)

I also got a few love packages two or three weeks ago, will post it, yeah, once I'm free. So, watch out! cause....

P.S.: Manju, this post is for you *wink*

03 January 2010

A Piece of Me... in January 2010

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join this game that was started by Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy. Go check out her awesome blog if you haven't done so!

This month....
I like: that my days of being a student is almost over now :D

I don't like: that the deadline of my thesis is the end of this month! OMG, i'm not even halfway done. I think I'll just have to pray that I will finish it on my time (Please God!).

I want you to know: as you can see from above, this month I'll be very busy. Probably I won't be online most of the time and not active on blogger for quite some times. So, please excuse me for that :)

I've planned: to not procrastinating anymore or else I won't be graduating on time.

I want to say to someone special: Bro, please stop stalking my blog and talking about it to somebody else. I'll feel embarrassed if someone i know in real life read my blog. So, please?

I Frequently Read Your Blog Award
I've been nominated for this award by Amy, Witoxicity, Fifi and Verina. Thanks girls!
The rules of the award is to tag 10 blogs that you read frequently.
Of course I frequently read these four ladies' blogs too. And the 10 blogs I have to tag (although obviously i read more than 10 blogs, so if you're not on the list, it doesn't mean that i don't frequently read your blog :) ) are:
Julie (Pop Champagne)
Lisa (Shop N' Chomp)
Karen (Miss K.You)
Shirley (Toothfairy)

01 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010! & The Winner is...

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 has gone now and i hope everyone will be having another great year on 2010 :)

On New Year's Eve me and my friends were having a BBQ. It was really fun, although we started a little to late, and still had to grill our foods after the count down. Yeah, it's that late. But everyone were happy so it's cool. The best thing in BBQ of course is the foods!

they don't look great but taste great! esp. those prawns :)

My giveaway is closed now, I have a total of 305 entries and 300+ followers now! I didn't expect it's going to be that much. I really want thank every single one of you for making my day. I truly appreciate them :)

By seeing this much of entries, it makes me feel really bad that I could only have one winner. So, probably I will do something for that :D.

Okay, Here's the winner! I used Random Generator to generate a number for me, and here's the result:

Congrats to Friendzcentury!

Please send your mailing address to my email.

Again, Happy New Year!!!