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07 October 2009

Back to Hometown Sum-Up

I'm back to jakarta now! Well, actually i've backed since two days ago. I really feel like a bad blogger for neglecting my blog. So to make this up, i'm going to post my back to hometown sum-up!

First, let's see my little haul...

Queen Magazine, Jill Stuart emook & traincase, Fringe holder, Nose up, Face up roller...

Well, actually the fringe holder, nose up and face up roller are ordered before i got back to my hometown. Luckily the seller is also from my hometown so i got her to send these to my home. As for the Queen Mag and Jill Stuart emook, i had my cousin to get those two from Singapore.

My Dad's birthday is on the same day with Mooncake Festival, here is his birthday cake..

It's a Blueberry topping cake, very yummy!!!

I also got my first ever nail art, i don't usually do my nail but my sister was going to do her nail so i was tempted to do it too... ;p. I was using fake nail and i really regret it, i couldn't do anything with that fake nail. though, I really like the look of my nails....

And now, it's the Wedding!!! (I've told you guys i was going to attend my sister's wedding)
Actually this is just an engagement party, the real big day is on next week here in Jakarta.
for some reasons, i'm not going post my personal pictures, so this will be just the overall things... hope you guys don't mind =)

The car for the bride and the groom

Zoom in on the flower bouquet

Pre-wedding picture of my sis and bro-in-law

Wedding hall

One of the dishes

Chocolate Fondue for dipping strawberries, grapes and marshmallows!! Yum..

the wedding souvenir

I didn't take much pictures at that time because we already got photographer to take picture on every moment. Well, that's pretty much of the sum-up! Next i'm going to post my delayed tagged and awards... Sorry girls for taking this long..


adin_22 said...

I love your new template......nice haul...I want the Jill Stuart pouch but it's too difficult to find here....and nice nail it's so Hime like....and wow that is one grand engagement I'm curious in what the actual wedding would look like...:D

Diane said...

I like your new layout, so cute.

I LOVE your nails! I'm jealous, I can't find a place around where I live that can do nails like that.

The wedding looked beautiful, I love weddings.

I'm jealous of your haul, I haven't been able to find the JS mook here!

Kalmo said...

What a cute new layout! Love the new haul, those face rollers make my cheeks sore haha

Happy Birthday to your dad, the cake looks awesome. Your nails look so kawaii too!

Congrats to your sister! The engagement party looked awesome and very grand! I'm sure the wedding will even be better, love weddings haha. The party favors looks super yummy. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Eva said...

i LOVE the temmplate so cute!! the wedding looks really nice!

mrsdumpling422 said...

Hi! Your nails are very pretty!!

The BVLGARI AQVA Emulsion (for men) has a really strong smell.... I get headaches from strong perfumes/colognes. :(

Congrats to your sister!! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your sister and brother in law. :D I see they went in style (Jaguar)! Love your cutesy haul and nails...omg! Looks like it came straight out of a magazine! And what a yummy looking cake for your father. :)

Miss K. You said...

Hey, cute nails!! Congrats to your sis :) That is a gorgeous engagement party.. can't imagine how the actual wedding will be- even more fabulous?! Invite us with more pics! hehe unless this WAS the wedding and I misunderstood..

Jbreezybaby said...

cute nails hun! omg, the wedding prep looks fabulous!!! how i wish i can have an extravagant wedding just like that. congrats to ur sister!

Zoe said...

U look so beautiful in ur profile picture, nice haul..I have one of those face rollers but I am too lazy to do it infact I don't see any changes T T..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad..the cakelooks so yum yum..
Love ur nail art, looks so pretty~
Your sister's wedding looks so grand and beautiful, I love her wedding souvenir**

Toothfairynotes said...

chocolate fondue! yummyyy....


Gaby said...

Your nails are absolutely AMAZING! & that chocolate fondue looks yummy =P