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30 October 2009

More Packages & Pasta de Waruku

Okay, yesterday was my another happy day cause i've received my long wait packages. Yap, they are from the giveaways i've won in the past, i think i got pretty much luck in the last two months :D but not anymore cause i didn't win anything anymore... actually it probably because i didn't join as much giveaway that i used to join.. hehe..

First, an Always Inspire Simplicity Set i've won from a giveaway that was hosted by The Dress-up Drawer...

i love the print! i'm currently using the card holder for my don't-fit-my-wallet-anymore cards... :D

Second, a set of 5 natural feminine products from April M. Designs, a giveaway i've won from Shop ByHand...

i never expect to win something like these. LOL. i was just entering the giveaway for fun. and i don't think i will ever use these cloth sanitary pads or panti liners.. anyone interested? :D

Third, a very cute cloud mobile by Sylvie of The Butter Flying, a giveaway hosted by Yellowgoat...

very cute right? i'm wondering where should i hang it on...

And last, a {GUSSY} pouch from a giveaway that was hosted by The Sweetest Petunia, sad to say this particular blog is not available anymore..

i loooove this pouch! it's in my bag now for storing my makeup kits.. :D

It's for the food time now! two days ago i was going out with my sister and we spotted a restaurant that we've never tried before, so we decided to give it a try. the restaurant is Pasta de Waruku (check their website here). it's a western-style Japanese food restaurant. okay, enough talking.. let's see the FOODS!!

i like the atmosphere at here, very cozy... do you notice the lights? they look exactly like tomato slices.. very creative right?

the top 10 dishes.. it's funny to say that none of our dishes are from here cause we're too busy looking at the menu.. :D

you guys understand now why we didn't pick from the top 10 right? cause all of them look delicious!

Macha Milkshake.. i loooooove it!

the appetizer.. i forgot the name.. but it's really yummy!

my sister's Carbonara Waruku Style, you can tell by how it looks right? absolutely delicious!

my Spaghetti alla Bolognese.. this one is absolutely yummy too!

this salmon slice is actually an appetizer, but after finished eating those pastas, my sister wanted to try this too.. then she asked the waiter if the salmon was fresh, and he guaranteed that it's very fresh... when he served this to us, he made sure that we're satisfied with this.. and it's really fresh....! me and my sister claimed that this was the best salmon sashimi we've ever tasted! but you guys must make sure to ask it's freshness before ordering this too... :D

This is an absolutely must-try restaurant. i'll definitely go back there.. and i give this restaurant 9 out of 10! 9 cause i'm not sure it's really this perfect... but the food, the place and the service are two thumbs up! i think Pasta de Waruku is also available at Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong... i'm not sure where it's originally from but probably it's from Singapore...


amynaree said...

congrats on winning all the giveaways! really cute stuff

the macha shake and salmon appetizer looks delicious

Gaby said...

Cool packages! & that milkshake looks so good ^^

Fifi said...

lol @ the sanitary pads!
they look cute and a bit "emo"? hahaha

Food porn! My oh my. I gotta eat pasta soon. Yum!

Jenna said...

Cute Stuff... and Yummmm >.<

adin_22 said...'re such a lucky girl.....

those foods look yummy....

Angela said...

the food is so yummy.....Im hungry....LOL

and i love all the stuff you got.

Vanilla said...

where is pasta waruku ??no !!loll
ahh i know that sanitary pads !i hv always been curious, i mean,how could u wash ur sanitary pad and reuse them??how????loll
would u try and let me know?hahahha
how come u r so lucky to win so MANY giveaways while i have won none.well i won this giveaway once but then the blogger dissapear !just like that !haha

Vanilla said...

my friend just told me she went to pasta waruku,the one at taman anggrek !haha
maybe we shud have blogger meet up!
are we the only ones blogger who lives in jakarta?lol
i live in pluit btw,where do u live?:)

Vanilla said...

i know onic,i read her blog but i dont think i follow her blog !lol
im going to singapore for study by the end of this year !we shud totally have meet up !haha
like the one they have,but only two of us?three if onic wants,im not sure she wants since she doesnt even know me !haha

Vanilla said... is it about the sanitary pads?hahahha
or maybe we can do love pack swap !haha
okay maybe u shud ask her !haha
keep me updated !hahaha

Yumeko said...

congrats on the win!

Kym said...

wooo! winnings galore! esp. <3 the pouch! and ooo *Droools* carbonara... i've been craving that for a while and havn't been able to satisfy that craving!!

TigerLily said...

wow, congrats on the winning! I entered many giveaways too but I only won once ;p maybe not so lucky..

anyway, I see you love giveaways. I have a review&giveaway blog too, maybe you could try your luck there, most of the giveaways are open for worldwide so Indonesian can win too :)

Oh and I also have another blog where I host fashion & beauty related giveaways:

Hope to see you there!


acutelife said...

I know pasta de waraku, :) if you likey pasta I can recommend some other places that are very nice too ;) and congrats for winning those giveaways!

Manju said...

you lucky lucky gal!
O_O gawwdd that sashimi platter looks amazing, i can only guess how amazing it tastes like
i've actually never had a Macha Milkshake before, you make me want to give it a try ^^
i hope yu had a fun Halloween :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Wow! You won a lot of giveaways! Nice!!

The food pics looks so amazing!!!!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I love getting things in the mail and that food looks FANTASTIC.

I am very excited to be doing a review on the EcoTools brushes. They are so cheap and affordable. I will work on it through the week and have it up this weekend.

Ahhh i love Swarovski. It is always so sparkly and turns every outfit into a winner.

So far the Clinique products have been fantastic! Clearing up my skin really well. But i have only been using their products for a week now and feel i may have to give it a bit more time for it to show me its positives and negatives. So a review for that will be within this month.

Pop Champagne said...

congrats on winning those giveaways! The pouch is cute :D And yeah I'm not sure on those santary pads either? So you wash them? How are they diff than disposible pads you buy? cuz they're more earth friendly? hmmm interesting...

lucy said...

that place looks like it has really good food :) congrats on winning the giveaway!

Jbreezybaby said...

congrats on winning dear! wow that is some serious food porn there!

yoli said...

I love packages...!

cute blog!

oOchaOo said...

congrats on winning!! :)
though i think the panty liners are kinda weird heehee.

oh your food post is soooo nice <3

DSK Steph said...

speaking of the flute, my bf played the flute all throughout school and was first chair lol I told him it was girly and he got offended lol

Jennifer said...

oh WOW i like the food there!!! they look delicious :) thanks for stopping by my blog, i'll be following your reviews (esp the skinfood loose powder i was curious about) LOL

Blovet Beauty said...

Congrats!! I love that matcha drink !! I'm currently craving for one now :)

Zoe said...

Wow..u r so lucky with giveaways,I am not lucky at all^^;Love the cloudmobile looks really cute..
I love Matcha drinks too, that place looks so nice^^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lucky you!
everything looks great!

i actually have cloth pantyliners too & i like using it because it doesn't have that scent. I actually made a review about it before.

the appetizer really looks appetizing..

me hungry!

thanks for following me,girl

Lucy said...

Your food looks delicious! It's getting near dinner here. I don't know about cloth panty liners. Ick!