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26 June 2009

Skin Food Lover!

Recently i fell in love with Skinfood, a Korea brand skincare and makeup. My first ever Skinfood product is Kiwi Yogurt Mask. When i went to a Skinfood outlet and asked the SA there about face masks, she recommended me Cucumber Mask, Kiwi Yogurt Mask and Banana Yogurt Mask. As i don't really like the smell of banana so i just have to choose the 2 lefts. After reading those products' detail, i chose Kiwi Yogurt Mask because it said it can minimize pores (which i really need).
I used this product thrice, and quite like it because it is comforting and soothing my skin. About the pore minimization, i haven't feel the effect yet.
After this mask, i browsed on net to see another Skinfood product, and immediately interested with their BB Cream, esp. Aloe BB Cream (heard it is good on oil control). So i went to the Skinfood outlet again, and bought it along with Buckwheat Loose Powder and Tea Tree Essence. I bought the Buckwheat LP to apply after BB Cream. While Tea Tree Essence, it is because the SA saw that i have acne problem and introduce me to use Tea Tree Toner, but as i am using Bodyshop's Tea Tree Oil Toner, i chose to buy Tea Tree Essence. Actually at that time i was interested with Tea Tree Emulsion too, but as i already bought 3 stuffs, i chose to buy at another time.

You can see those products' detail on the links above. After using Aloe BB Cream, i immediately fall in love with it. It has a nice smell and easy to blend with my skin (i use shade #1), and the best part of it is it can cover my acne scar!!! Absolutely LOVE it. Buckwheat LP also has a nice smell, although it goes well with my skin tone (#23 Natural Beige), i am not crazy about it. Maybe it is because i already have so much love with the BB Cream :p.
As for Tea Tree Essence, i love it too. When i apply it on the night, the next morning my face not as oily as i used to be. And my acne scar seems faded. So i definetely will continue using it.

After i read this, i think i won't consider Tea Tree Emulsion anymore. She (i assumed) said it ways too creamy and not suitable for oily skin. So, i will find other Skinfood's products to add on my list. Next time i will post my Skinfood wishlist :)


Cacaopack said...

welcome to the skinfood fanatic club! LOL. :)

i initially fell in love with the pretty packaging actually, good thing the product quite suit me. not everything though, but at least quite a number.

perhaps test out the tea tree emulsion at the outlet? feel the texture and see whether suitable? since different skin different result. from what you described how the tea tree essence work on you, i concluded my skin is more oily than yours. me and my problematic skin. cheers!

xyyan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!! :D
I love their packaging too. so pretty and cute.
I also have a very oily skin, and afraid that the emulsion will make my skin even oilier. hmm, maybe i shall try it out before concluding.
btw, really like your blog, i got a lot of information there. :)