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11 May 2010

Weekend in Singapore

Last weekend, I went to Singapore with my sister as she was going there to submit her university application. Of course I wouldn't want to miss the chance to tag along with her :D. We went to a couple of our fave restaurants there with our cousin and enjoy the food. Here's the food porn :p.

(Warning: long post & pic heavy)

One of my fave western restaurant.

Grilled chicken baked rice, yumm!

Beef Lasagna

Marble cheesecake, one of the best cheesecake!

We're trying out this Asiankitchen. It turned out to be a Taiwanese restaurant.

Stewed pork rice (lu rou fan)

Glutinous rice

Oyster rice noodle

Fried chicken with apple

One of the best Japanese restaurant in town!

Fresh salmon sashimi

Soft shell crab roll with fish floss

Ebi don

Ebi soba

Chicken Teriyaki

Of course I didn't get home empty handed, grabbed some stuffs that I've been curious about :D
Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear - I'm trying this out for my frequent blemishes.
Etude House Hand Cream - I've heard good things about it.
L'Occitane Green Tea Hand Cream - Can't resist green tea scent and the BOGO promotion, share it with my cousin.
Muji Cleansing Oil - Have heard great things about this too.
Nexcare Acne Patch - Back up, I really love it!
Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Was raved by Bubzbeauty

I also got The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack and Olay Regenerist Eye Cream but I forgot to take the pic :p.

Have a great day everyone! :)


ning * star said...

nice haul. ah... I wish I can eat all those food now, too bad I'm sick. bleh~~~
I'm free from university now... haha.
I will have a review for the face shop white mud nose peel soon :)

Jamilla Camel said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the food porn!


liloo said...

Mmmmm the food looks goooooooooooodddddd XD
Thx for sharing xoxo

evie said...

ooh hope you had a great time here! XD

cure is great! but the price is not so great.T_T i'm loving the etude hand cream!..

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh food... CHINESE food! i miss it ;_;

lovely haul!

Kasia_B said...

Looks awesome!! I'd love to go to that Japanese restaurant to try all those goodies :)

May said...

Omg! I'm drooling over your food porn photos. The grilled chicken baked rice looks so good. I pork chop baked rice. I can never say no to Japanese food. The soft shell crab roll with fish floos looks interesting.

Yay for all the hauls. I'm curious about the white nose mud mask too. Glad you had a great time with your sister and cousins:)

Marie said...

Yummy looking plates!:D Making me hungry, Dina!:D

Have a lovely week!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

OMG...those food....really made me hungry....and looks like you had fun.

mayaari said...

wow, so many yummy food pics!

miss wiggle said...

My god, everything looks so good! :D I'm craving the leaf-wrap thing. My grandma used to make them all the time when she was living with us~

izumi said...

wow what glorious food! thank goodness i'm already eating hahah xD
i keep hearing such awesome things about these nexcare patches!

Lulu said...

omg so yum! glad you had fun in singapore! and yay for hauls...i am glad nexcare acne patch works for you, it didn't for me, stupid pimples :(

Vanilla said...

wow glad u had fun!hehe
why u didnt go to have authentic sg food?
u can find sushi tei n secret recipe in jakarta
u in bintan now?wait is it bintan or tanjung pinang?always forget
i have bene MIA for agess

sizbelle said...

wow seems like you got so much fun here!

L'Occitane has bogo deals, i been lemming to try out their stuffs but waiting for good sale!

think i'm gonna try the muji cleansing oil after my shu one finishes since they all made in jp.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

aweeee! I looooveee cheesecake! seems you spent a lot of fun with your sister! nice haul!

Ahleessa said...

I shouldn't have looked at your post this late at night... lol~ Now I'm hungry. :/

Nice haul and can't wait to hear what you think about them! :)

Catherine said...

OMG. I just ate dinner but now I'm hungry again looking at all that amazing food! LOL!

With Love, Elle said...

i got the nexcare 3m too~ me mum got for me and it shock me to the bone coz i did not know this exist! its so funny, coz 3m to me is like stationery (paper n pens stuffs) lol
so does it work for u?

xoxo elle

acutelife said...

DOnt we have secret recipe too back in jakarta?? I love their choc banana cake :D now they open one here near where I live YAY!!

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Waaa.. yum yum! ^^
I'm curious about the nexcare, I've seen it online for a while but don't know does it work for pimples? Review ya.. :)

Pop Champagne said...

i hear the etude hand cream smells amazing! and yummmm for the food porn :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ah, I miss S'pore so much. :( Those food pics give me some serious cravings!! Good luck to your sis on her application. :D Hehe...I love how you made sure not to leave empty handed. ;) Super nice haul!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

OMG!!! i love beef lasagna!!! gosh.. *drool*

Witoxicity said...

I almost died from looking at the food pics. Died of joy, I mean. Oh, yum yum! :D Glad you had a great time in Singapore.

Blair said...

Ahh, I have Muji Cleansing Oil too! It isn't bad at all =)

Sorry, can't remember where I bought those Kit Kats from... It's been ages since I went to SG =[

Dizzy said...

The food just looks so mouth watering!