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18 June 2010

Swatch: Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks - Soft Nude & Blush

I'm so sorry that I went MIA for a week but I have a good reason for it. I've said that I was going to graduate this month and the graduation ceremony was on last week. My mum and dad were visiting me in Jakarta to attend the ceremony, so I spent pretty much the whole time to accompany them. And after the graduation was over, I had to pack my stuffs and moved all of my stuffs from the place that I stayed in Jakarta to my hometown, so it was a very busy and tiring week. Now, I'm back to my hometown and will stay here for good until I've decided what I'm going to do next :)

Back to the topic, I'm going to share Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks' swatch in Soft Nude and Blush that I got from Angel a while ago (Thanks again, Angel! :)). I know there's a lot of swatches out there for these lipsticks but I still wanna do it :p.

Soft Nude & Blush

Swatches on arm.

Bare lips. Left: with flash. Right: without flash.
Yap, I got a mole on my upper lip :p

Soft Nude. Left: with flash. Right: without flash.

Blush. Left: with flash. Right: without flash.

Sorry for the poor quality pics, I'll try to take the pics with a better camera next time. I know there's no point to put the without flash pics cause it doesn't really show the color, but I still put it on just for comparison :D. I love both of the colors. They have very good pigmentation and quite moisturizing too, but the staying power is just okay on me, I need to reapply it in just a couple hours as I constantly eat and drink. I love the packaging too, it looks sleek and the engraved on the lipstick makes it looks expensive. The only lowdown is it melts easily, I found a dent on the side of the lipstick when I try to apply it on my lips, maybe it's because of the weather in Indonesia too, too humid.
Soft Nude is my first nude lipstick, and it looks surprisingly good on me, I always thought nude lipstick will wash me out but it doesn't.
Blush is my new favorite lipstick now, it's MLBB shade. I found myself constantly grab it to wear and put it in my makeup pouch, it's perfect for my everyday looks.

Overall, Revlon Colorburst is a very nice lipstick to have. Go grab it if you can :D
 Till next time!


Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

both colors look good on you! I have Soft nude too =)

Denysia said...

Wow, Blush looks really nice! I'm going to have to check these colors out next time! :D

Tammy said...

Wow I'm really, really in the dark about these lippies because you're the second person today on my blogroll who blogged about them. I think I'm for sure going to need to check them out now!
Thanks for the swatches, Dina :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Yay! Congrats for graduation!! Thats nice!

Adore your lips! Very pretty colors!

Vanilla said...

come and work in singapore!:D
LOL @ the mole note!
i have two below my lips

Blair said...

I swatched Blush, and I thought it was too red but it looks pink and flattering on you =]

Jian said...

They're GORGEOUS on your lips Dina! =)

Hope you've having fun in your hometown at the moment~

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I have these lippies in soft nude & baby pink I think...and until now it's still unopened...hehe....but the blush looks so nice on I want to get it for myself too...

sugar sugar said...

Congrats on graduating and I hope you soon figure out what you want to do. :3 Goodluck!

Blush is a pretty color. ^_^ I look forward to seeing a look with you using your colorburst lippies. ;)

Dizzy said...

WOW such beautiful shades! Thx for the post.

Diane said...

I love Revlon Colorburst lipsticks, I have Soft Nude and Blush too. Blush is my favorite! Soft Nude is really pretty but doesn't look right on me for some reason.

Okay I thought the dent thing on the lipsticks only happened to me. All my colorburst lipsticks have that dent on them. And it's not humid here, in fact the weather here has been perfect. I wonder what that dent is from?

MeiBelle said...

I haven't seen blush shade! they look beautiful on you =)

Marie said...

Thanks for the swatches.:D I might get one.:D

Have a great weekend, Dina!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Eva said...

yeah i really love these lipsticks really nice! hehe

Kasia_B said...

I wish I hat the one in "Blush"! Lovely colors!!!


izumi said...

blush looks great on you! i love the revlon lippies :) i have a few myself!

Fifi said...

Lovely swatches! There won't be too many swatches on the internet so I appreciate your effort, Dina :D
I think Blush looks gorgeous, just wondering if they will ever launch this Colorburst line in Indonesia. I wish they would!!

Ahleessa said...

I have Soft Nude myself and never thought about Blush. Now that I see it on you, I'm tempted to get one... hehe~

princessblush said...

I have the soft nude, but blush looks great on you! I agree that the lippies melt easily bcoz it's too hot here too.

Anonymous said...

very pretty! they are selling revlon colorburst in HK but not those shades :( I was going to get "peach" but i havent decided yet.

With Love, Elle said...

congratsssssssssssss wishing u all da best to your future, however keep blogging ^^

i prefer blush hehe

xoxo elle

Dee said...

Blush looks like a beautiful color!

Jornal da Lulu Teen - By Luíza said...

amei as cores dos batons!!!! super lindos!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Shop N' Chomp said...

Both colors look gorgeous on you, Dina! :D

May said...

i agree with Lisa, both colors look gorgeous on you:) i love their lipsticks.

Karen said...

Dina, first of all congrats on graduating!! Keep us posted on your next big things in life =)

I have the Revlon lippies in soft nude and baby pink.. unfortunately soft nude does not compliment my skin tone and makes me look sickly haha but I do love baby pink. I especially like Blush on you, such a pretty pink!

~AnGeL~ said...

Dina, congratulation on your graduation! So happy for you :)
Wow both lipsticks look so nice on you..hehe
I didn't know that Revlon's lipsticks will melt easily on humid weather like Indonesia.. hmm interesting! ^^