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09 June 2010

Long Overdue Awards Post

Here's a long post for the awards that have been given to me from some awesome bloggers since March (yes, March! I feel really bad now). I know I have delayed it for so long, and there's still a few tags that I haven't included on this post, I'll try to do them soon. In case if you're wondering why I still remember these awards, I always bookmark the post whenever people tag or give me award so I won't miss them :D. Please bear with me for this post, I just don't want to disappoint those bloggers that have been so kind and sweet to award me these. So, here's we go!

Thanks to Anita, Meibelle and Ems for another Sunshine Award for me!
1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you.
3. Link the bloggers and let them know.

Thanks to Anita and Pinky for this I <3 Your Blog award!
1. Post award on your blog
2. Link the person who has given you the award
3. Pass the award to 15 other blogs.

Thanks to Anita and Meibelle for this Beautiful Blogger award!
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
 4. Share 5 interesting facts about yourself.
 5. Nominate 5 other bloggers.

5 (not so) interesting facts about myself:
1. I eat a lot, I mean really a lot! and it's always hard to resist when I see delicious food before me. That's why I haven't been able to lose any weight in a long time...
2. I love playing strategy game and one of my fave is Age of Empires :D
3. I can stay home all day and all week by doing nothing, I'm such a slacker...
4. My two sisters and I do not just share the same last name but we also share the same first name, yeah, they're also named Dina. We only have different middle names and all of our friends call us by the first name, so you can figure out that when someone calls Dina, all three of us will turn around, hehe. At home, we're addressed by our Chinese name.
5. My very first job is being a tutor and I enjoyed doing it :)

 Thanks to Stephanie of Julu Jewelry for Make Me Happy Blog award!
To accept this award, I must list 10 things that makes me happy. And I've done it here.

Thanks to Karen of Allure of CF Beauty for this Sisterhood award!
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award

Thanks to London's Boutique and Julie for this Cherry on Top award!
1. Thank the person that gave this to you :) Go on, give them a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to :)

3 things I love about myself (I don't think there's any, but I'll try):
1. I always try to put myself in other people's shoes when I'm about to decide things.
2. Sometimes I'll be able to think fast and that makes me know to react and crack a joke :D.
3. I'll be able to keep a secret when someone ask me to.

A picture I love:
I love rainbow! I managed to capture one when I was on the way to my home, it was taken a couple years ago but still this is one of my fave pic of all! :D

I nominate these awards to all of you! :D

Till next time! :)


lilluna5416 said...

cute post! nice knowing some new things about u!
interesting about ur sister,dina! lol

I can 100% relate about the delicious food and no being able to resist. No will power lol

Pop Champagne said...

omg I just gave you the same award!! oh no!! And I love age of empires too, have you tried age of mytology? That's my all time favourite game I think!!

Denysia said...

Haha. My brother has the same middle name as me, but my parents spelled it slightly different for him, so they could tell us apart!

Shop N' Chomp said...

That is one lovely photo! I love rainbows too. They always put a smile on my face. =D I find it so cute that you all have the same first English name. *^_^*

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Congrats to the winners. Have a fab day :)

Swtest2Lips said...

Love posts like these! Im a hungry hippo 2. I eat anything and everything. Not good for my waistline but at least Im happy :-) Must be so confusing that everyone is named Dina. Maybe you can be nicknamed D1, D2, D3

miss wiggle said...

Congrats for being a winner for Nic's giveaway!!! And also for the blog awards of course haha~

Kasia_B said...

Fun post! Loads of awards ;)


Jian said...

Congratulations for being a winner for Nic's giveaway too!!!! =D

And gosh, the awards. T________T There's so many. How do you even keep track?

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Congrats on all your well deserved awards!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

yay! so many awards!
aweeee! there is really rainbow! I see it! so adorable picture!

Lulu said...

yay for all the awards!! :) that's really cool how all of your sisters and you are named Dina as your first name! hehehe are you guys far apart in age? Otherwise it would get confusing in school, no? What is your chinese name? :p

izumi said...

hahahaha i could totally stay at home and do nothing too!

congrats on getting soooo many awards!

evie said...

lol..all three same first names!! the rainbow photo!

Kym said...

hahaha! that's so awesome that you and your sisters are all named DINA!!!! how cool ;P

Ahleessa said...

I still think you're skinny... hehe~ :P I know you don't think so but I think so. ;)

Thank you for the well wishes!

CoLine said...

wow, awards galore! congratulations dear! =)

PS: the rainbow is awesome, nice pic!
Hugs to you dear!♥

Blair said...

Congrats on all these awards dearie!

I can stay home all day and all week by doing nothing, I'm such a slacker... --> high five babe! LOL

Oooh, what's your Chinese name?

Witoxicity said...

Congratulations on all those awards, Dina!! That's so interesting that all three sisters have the same first name! Heh heh!

acutelife said...

you're such a good blogger, keep doing all the awards lolz ive lost count of how many award i have missed -.-"
rainbow is my fave too!!

Karen said...

Dina, thank you for the compliments and congrats on all these awards!! wooo :) I like how you listed me under my new blog name. Mango is such a cute doggie name! Wow your siblings have the same name as you- That's very special, does that mean you are close to them?

Marie said...

Congratulations on all these awards, yay!:D

I love eating too.:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Dizzy said...

Congrats on all the awards you received!