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25 April 2011

Review: My Beauty Diary X Hello Kitty Masks

Sheet masks have been always on my list of must-buy things whenever I visit Taiwan but on my last Taiwan trip, these two boxes of MBD X Hello Kitty masks were on the top of the list since I first heard about them and I was really lucky to be able to get them as they are limited edition and hardly available anywhere else besides Taiwan.

To be honest, I'm not really into reviewing sheet masks as I feel they basically are the same. Having said that, I'm gonna at least try to do a short reviews for both of the MBD X Hello Kitty masks and hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Who can resist the cute packaging??

Strawberry Milk Mask

Each box contains 10 sheet masks that come in 3 different designs:

Effects: Whitening, Smoothening.


My Thoughts:
The scent of this mask is exactly like strawberry milk and I really like it! It also contains a lot of essence which I love because I could use the excess essence on my neck and arms. The mask itself fits my face pretty well which is really rare for MBD masks, as most of the MBD masks don't fit my face well. I used the mask for about 30 minutes and after removing the mask my skin felt slightly sticky. But I massaged the essence in for a few secs and my skin felt really smooth and hydrated afterwards. I didn't notice any whitening effect on my skin though but I like that it left my skin smooth even on the next morning too.

Honey Strawberry Mask
Each box contains 10 masks that come in 3 different designs:

Effects: Brightening, Moisturizing.


My Thoughts:
If the other mask smells exactly like strawberry milk, this one smells like honey! Just like the strawberry milk mask, this honey strawberry mask also has a lot of essence and fits my face really well. And it did left a slightly sticky film on my skin as well but the sticky feeling disappeared after I massaged it in. I noticed a brightening effect from this mask but it's only temporary which most of the sheet masks are. This mask is more hydrating than the strawberry milk mask and i think it's because of the honey extract property in this mask. It also left my skin smooth and hydrated for quite a while.

Overall, I really like both of the masks but honey strawberry mask gets more points for me as I feel it's more hydrating and it really has brightening effect even though it's only temporary. Too bad they're limited edition and I'm sure I won't be able to get them anymore in the future.

Mini Giveaway
I know most of you want to try these masks and it's not easy to get them, thus I'm going to giveaway a pair of this MBD X Hello Kitty masks (one of each Strawberry Milk Mask and Honey Strawberry Mask, packaging designs will be randomly chosen) and also some other masks that I acquired from my last Taiwan trip. All you have to do:
1. Must be a public follower of this blog. (I will check)
2. Leave a comment below saying: 'I love Hello Kitty'. (I won't count your entry if you don't do this)
3. Only one entry per person.

It's open internationally and will end on May 3rd, 2011 at 8pm (GMT+7).
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly after.
Good luck!

Disclaimer: The products were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the companies I mentioned above. This is my honest opinion, product that works on me doesn't mean it works on you and vice versa.


miss wiggle said...

Yes, I think all masks are the same too haha. Although some are more moisturizing than others. Have you tried Kracie masks? They were the first ones I tried and they seriously plumped up my face like no other. O_O

I love Hello Kitty! :)

MissKatv said...

I love Hello Kitty :D

is that all? haha

Kasia said...

I love these sheet diary masks, I wish they were available in Europe.


Jessica said...

thanks for the review! i will have to ask my mom to buy both of the masks the next time she goes to Taiwan! I love My Beauty Diary masks and Hello Kitty, so this is the perfect combination :D

I love Hello Kitty!

Jennifer said...

omg i wanna scream when i look at the pics! "I love Hello Kitty"!!

i wish these would land in HK >_<

MEOW said...

toooooo cute! :)

please enter me :D

Eva said...

sooo cute!! thanks for the review!!

I love hello kitty!!

Lulu said...

I <3 Hello Kittyyyyyy!!! :p :p :p
This must be the first two boxes of mbd mask with diff designs within the box for the same products. Hello kitty is so special, lol. <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love Hello Kitty! I'd love to give these a try. =D

Edna said...

I love Hello Kitty

These sheet masks look so adorable :)

Les Ailes du Papillon said...

I love Hello Kitty

I've been wanting to try these out!! But can't find an online shop that sells these!

angel_fanie [at] yahoo [dot] com

yurina said...

aaaa i really love MBD mask!
want to try out the hello kitty one~

join your giveaway ^^

I Love Hello Kitty! :D

Becky said...

Thank you so much! I love MBD masks (*___*)

I love Hello Kitty

RicAdeMus said...

I love Hello Kitty!!!

I didn't used to, but she grew on me over the years. I'm sure these masks won't be scary like the last set Blair had on her blog. =)

fluffystuff said...

I love Hello Kitty!

thanks for the giveaway, i've been looking for these masks everywhere, and they are always out of stock :(

Broken Angel said...

I love hello kitty.
Boy...I wish those weren't just limited editions.

Ashley said...

I love Hello Kitty!

Let's hope MBD makes the Honey Strawberry permanent cause it sounds great :)

wifluvelle said...

I love Hello Kitty!
havent got the chance to try these yummy masks! thanks babe!

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

how cute! they remind me of other sanrio ones like rilakkuma (except not mbdm)

Anonymous said...

Oh btw I Love Hello Kitty :D

Jbreezybaby said...

hello kitty and MBD... how can you get wrong from that?!? thats sooo awesome!!!

I love hello kitty!!

i miss you dear, how you been? xoxo

galleryibu said...

cute stuff!! i like beauty diary masks too..

heartbreaker said...

omg the masks are so cute :3 i love hello kitty! :D

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw lovely review, I've been interested in these masks but I can't find them instores, only online but a bit pricey :3

I love Hello Kitty!

sugar sugar said...

I love Hello Kitty! <3
but then again, who doesn't right? LOL!

these masks are just too cute! :3

~Lisa said...

I love Hello Kitty! ^_^

Thanks for the review and the giveaway! Too bad that it's LE, I would love to use these year round.

cjx3pooh said...

I love Hello Kitty :) I'm still waiting for my Sephora HK perfume to come in.

I've never tried sheet masks before, I wonder how well they work

amynaree said...

i love hello kitty!

thank you for the review, these masks are just too cute :)

thrifty bride said...

i love hello kitty

kris said...

i love hello kitty!!

and those were so cute! super!!!!

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the reviews. The packaging is so cute and adorable. Yum the thought that they smell like strawberry milk and honey are awesome. haha I feel like I can't review some masks well because I don't notice a difference or it's hard to capture on picture. ^^

evie said...

i love hello kitty!!

thank you for having this giveaway especially since they are so hard to get! ^_^....i feel that most masks are they same too hehe although they have different flavours but they would usually give the same effect =D

Dimples said...

I love hello kitty! <3<3<3

I usually buy and use the ones from The Face Shop because the actor from Winter Sonata has a big big poster at the front of their store. Lol.
Now I'm really curious about these masks, too bad they are only available in Taiwan :(

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I don't love Hello Kitty. LOL! " Kitty" is in one sentence c[= Just playing with you girl. I'm not going to be entering in this giveaway. I just wanted to comment on your blog post! The packaging is cute though and I really don't love Hello Kitty... even though, everything about it is cute =O I just don't like cats =[ I love the colors of all her stuff, just wish there was a cat on the product, probably another character. Its nice of you to do a giveaway on them and the review =]

Radiant.MakeUp said...

great review :)
I love the idea of hello kitty masks!! x

azn-soul said...

I love Hello Kitty

London's-beauty said...

I've seen these masks before, but they were sold separately which made them super expensive!

Thanks for this giveaway!

I love Hello Kitty! :D


mimi said...

awwww~ the hello kitty masks are so cute!~

I love Hello Kitty!!~ ^^

Thank you for holding the giveaway!~ <3

♥ Starryxuan said...

they are soo cute! <3

I love Hello Kitty!!!

Thanks for this nice giveaway!

Ahleessa said...

OMG the Hello Kitty masks are so adorable! Thanks for the giveaway. I love Hello Kitty! Count me in. :)

Marie said...

Dina! These look great, thanks for the review. Mmmmm... strawberry milk? That sounds like a winner to me.:D

***** Marie *****

Witoxicity said...

The packaging is so cute. If I had them, I don't think I'd want to tear them open. :)

Dizzy said...

The packaging is super cute! I just love it! hehe
Awesome review, I really wish this wasn’t limited and can buy it online.