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28 February 2010

Review: Tea Related Masks

Thank you so much for all the congrats on my previous post. I'm really happy for my achievement, it's like a huge rock has been removed from me :D.
I was going to post this reviews post yesterday, but I went out with my friends the whole day for celebration. So, here are the two masks I'm going to review.

Watsons Green Tea Oil Control Facial Mask


Watsons Green Tea Oil Control Facial Mask contains botanical extracts of Green Tea, Mushroom and Cucumber, which refresh tired and dull skin and improve overall skin texture to reveal skin's natural glow.

My thought:
I got this mask from my friend's sister who went to Taiwan a few months ago. I don't remember how much it was but it's definitely cheap. This mask is so wet that it's dripping when I took it out and looks almost transparent. It fits my face quite well and has a strong green tea scent but I'm okay with it. I left it on for about 30 minutes, and right after I peeled it off, it felt very sticky on my skin. But that stickiness disappeared after 5 minutes or so and my skin became smoother. The next morning, my skin was less oily. Guess that the oil control really works. The down side is I can't find this mask at here nor Google. I've only seen the Watsons Green Tea Essence Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask on google. I think this mask is only available at Taiwan but I might be wrong, please tell me if you know where to get this cause i like this mask :).

Good oil control
Smoothen skin

Not available locally
Strong scent

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Yes (But hard to find)

Superdrug Tea Tree Sensitive Mud Mask

Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Mud Mask is specially formulated to deeply cleanse and purify pores, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

Tea Tree originates from Australia. It is a natural antibacterial agent, known for its antiseptic healing properties. Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation.

Tea Tree – The Natural solution for everyday skincare problems.

My thought:
When I saw that it's a tea tree product, I thought the color would be green but it turned out to be white. The tea tree scent is really strong but as I've used to use Tea Tree Oil, it doesn't bother me. I put it on for around 15 minutes and it felt slightly burning on my skin but the feeling was gone right after I rinsed it off. After rinsing, my skin felt really smooth and I could see that my pores became tighter/smaller. But the oil control was just okay cause my skin is still oily on the next morning. I really like this mud mask but too bad I can't find at here too, it's an UK product (I got this from Eve). The package contains 15mL of mud mask and it's enough for 3 uses on me. Overall, I really like this mask, will be searching around for this mask :D.

Smoothen skin
Tighten pores
Relatively Cheap (£0.79)

Not available locally
Strong scent
Slightly burning

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase: Yes! (But it's hard to find as well)

I love these two masks, but both of them are difficult to get. Guess that I won't be using these masks anytime soon... Anyhow, have a great weekend everyone!


Jian said...

AHHH maybe I should've tried the watsons masks. I got a bit annoyed because I couldn't find any of the My beauty diary ones, so I gave up..

And that Tea Tree mask!! I've used their nose strip pores before, and they're just like Biore's. Maybe I should try out the Tea Tree mask too...

sunniipinky said...

Isn't Watsons an HK brand? I think you can probably get it in HK too. & the mask IS very cheap. But then again, it's only a one time use so...thanks for the sharing. :3 I'll grab some if I ever find them while I'm vacationing in HK. x)

Kasia_B said...

I love green tea, tea tree and cucumber products. They work really well in my opinion. If I could I'd definitlly try those.
Great reviews Dina! :)

Juli said...

It sucks how good things are hard to find :[ I definitely would want to try the Tea Tree mud mask

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks for the reviews, Dina! I haven't seen these masks before so it's always nice to read about new products. =)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

So nice reviews! I am vry like Green Tea ingridient in any beauty product!! Especialy the sound for sheet mask so good!

Vanilla said...

awww let me see if i can find that tea mask here in watson

awwwim so jealous u have finished ur thesis!hehe
thanks for ur support,i dont wanna fail!lol

Katie Ngo said...

thanks for this review! I tried to look on no luck? Unless I didn't look hard enough. >.< I really want to try it too, for quite a while now. Ohh btw, thanks for joining my giveaway, GL to you. :) Take care Dina!

Katie Ngo

May said...

I have ever heard of this brand before. Thanks for the review.

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I didn't know watson is selling some mask....and I'm interested with the tea tree one...cuz' I know tea tree are good for blemishes...

Blair said...

Dina, have you tried the lavender mask from Watsons? I like it and it has lots of good ingredients :)

onic said...

you really great doing review haha. wanna give it a try too!

amynaree said...

nice review, i have oily skin so i really like the watsons green tea mask, my face feels fresh after using it :)

Ahleessa said...

I have never heard of Watson... hehe~ Then again I don't know much about Asian brands. I guess I try to avoid learning about them since it's hard to get here. Thanks for the review! :)

Thank you also for the well wish for Tobey! :)

bowsnhearts said...

I miss Watsons! I used to go into them when I was living in Malaysia/Singapore! They have so many cheap cosmetics and masks!

Regarding your question on my blog about the skincare I use...I combine both Clinique and ProActiv now...because ProActiv tends to dry my skin out if I use it everyday but it really clears up the acne. So I use it like twice a week.

Anonymous said...

Nice review! You ought to try green tea mask with real green tea :) try using the compressing masks, gives the same effect, only you can drink the tea too lol

evie said...

ooh i just bought the watson green tea mask! bought the bird nest one too... hehe looking forward to trying them out!

acutelife said...

I love green tea mask :) though I always prefer the apply on type to the sheet's just they seems to work better on my skin :)

Nina said...

I love reviews like this! Makes one's beauty shopping speedier!

Anonymous said...

oooh looks great!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

aww it's alway tough when you find a product you like but it's hard to get :( i've found that tea tree oil works wonders for my oily skin! this sounds like a mask i would like. thanks for the review :D xx

Pop Champagne said...

I love green tea stuff, I use the bodyshop green tea cleanser every morning! That's sad to hear it's hard to find these great green tea products

Jess said...

Oh, this mask sounds promising! Thanks for the great review! I'm recently really addicted to doing masks every other day, hehe...

izumi said...

too bad they're hard to find! i do love a mask that helps with oil control :)

Tammy said...

For a short time anyway, I'll be near a Watsons, maybe I should go check this out! XD thanks for reviewing it Dina!

witoxicity said...

I've never tried either of these masks before. They both sound very good, I must say! Pity you can't get them there. :(