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08 November 2009

Another Tag Post

Sorry to bore you guys with another tag post. but i just don't want to delay these tags too long like what i did before, so here we go:

Amy and Miss Kyou were really awesome to give me this award, thank you girls :)

The rules are you are suppose to name 10 facts about yourself.

My 10 facts:
1. my blog URL: xyyan is shorten from my chinese name Xu Yun Yan (徐云燕)

2. i never really like Hello Kitty before, but since i got into blogging, i keep looking at HK stuffs. i guess Bloggers have influenced me so much :D

3. i'm trying to collect eyeliners right now cause eyeliners can really make a big difference on me!

4. i used to think people with allergy are really cool but that changes since i got mine (the bread allergy) LOL

5. i don't feel secure if i'm going out without my jacket or cardigan cause i think the sun will burn me if i don't wear any :D

6. i always love British accent, and i really want to learn to speak with that accent

7. i think i'm talent-free cause i don't have anything i'm good at. pathetic right?

8. my favorite dog breed is Siberian Husky. i think they are really gorgeous. well, actually i'm influenced by the Eight Below movie. you guys should really watch that movie if you haven't.

9. i couldn't live without internet. it's killing me to disconnect from internet even for just 1 day.

10. and last, i love blogging cause i got to know so many great people from all over the world! love you guys :)

Kasia and Miss Kyou also gave me this award, super thanks to you both :)

And the sweetie Manju gave me this Kreativ Blogger Award which i've done here, thanks girl!

So i pass these awards (I think you are an awesome girl, One lovely blog and Kreativ blogger) back to these girls:


i still have a most worn thing tag by Kasia and a color tag by Zoe to do. i'm still gathering up my stuff and will post it later :)


onic said...

it's not boring at all, in fact it's cute to know more about you :]
and i just realise we have some things in common! haha
i kinda like HK cause of blog world too, but please dont tell my dogs. cause i never want to admit it. liking HK make me feel betraying my dogs.
eyeliner is the most important part of make up for me too! maybe you should show us the collection!
andddd i love british stuff as well. the accent, the stule, and even with the union jack. it's the most stylish flag ever i should say :]
and and and husky is my fave breed too, beside pug :]

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on the awards and thank you for extending them to me! :) I heart Hello Kitty and eyeliner too!!

Jbreezybaby said...

awwww.... i love siberian huskys too! cuuuteeee! thank you for the comment hun! i just laughed when I realized she unfollowed me and unfriend me from facebook as soon as I got her message. Sad how she's one of my "closest" fellow bloggers too!

amynaree said...

congrats on all the awards!!!

i can't leave the house w/out a sweater or cardigan either just incase it gets cold!

awww siberian huskys are so cute, i've always wanted to own one too

emimonster said...

hi! just randomly found your blog. its so cute! i love hello kitty and the british accent also. hahaha.

adin_22 said...

thanks for the tag dina!!!we got so much in common girl....
like my chinese name is a-din which I'm currently using as username...loving HK because of blogger,eyeliners but I still suck at it....allergies..being talent free & the siberian husky thing & even net & blogging........

Blovet Beauty said...

I like to collect eyeliners too.. but I'm super boring.. they are all black shades!! or white!! hahaha & I would absolutely die without the internet too babes! thanks for the tags :)

Becks said...

aww I'm sure you good at something :) You're good at blogging!

I'm glad LM TM works for you! Wish it worked for me toooo

trishiekoh said...

Congrats on the awards! I have a love affair with eyeliners too, they're a must have!

acutelife said...

yes I agree on eyeliner :) it does make a difference doesnt it. and Dina, Im sure you have a talent that you dont recognize as one ;)
re the pasta n pizza place, have you heard of pepenero, an italian resto? it's in Menara Karya and Pondok Indah Mall. it's a must try and I love it to bits ^^

Yumeko said...

not boring! love reading tags since its interesting to know more abt the blogger!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

The dog looks so sweet! Adorable!

I don't like HK too :)

onic said...

nggak slamanya punya husky enak kok haha soalnya husky biasanya nggak akur sama anjing lain. btw spanjang eksistensimu (kayak vmpire aja! haha) eyeliner pencil yang paling oke apa, din?

Toothfairy said...

I like eyeliners too, and I'm currently (or only..) using the bobbi brown ones, they have really a great line of colors! have you tried those? they're good! I have only 3 now, but I do plan to get more...


ps: I can't speak indonesian, yeah ok, I know a few words, like:
satu, dua, tiga :P
makan, tidur... that kind of words :P hahaha not much huh!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for following my blog! :) I'm the same way as you. I didn't like Hello Kitty growing up. I thought it was overrated, but now I love them... lol~

Pop Champagne said...

omg I love huskys too! And didn't really get into hello kitty until I was 19 haa! Yeah beyonce's halo does sound like kelly's already gone! But for some reason I can't stand halo but I like already gone, I think I'm just kind of tired of hearing beyonce's songs, since she has been on the radio since I was 16 omg...

Savvy Gal said...

i love reading tags....

Zoe said...

After reading this post I think that u are really a cute girl^^
Especially about ppl having allergy..^^ha ha ha..I have a bad one too..
I like eyeliners too..but have only 2 of them T T...

Congratz on the awards and thanks for passing to me*

witoxicity said...

Hello! I'm a new follower! It was indeed nice to be able to read this post first - facts about you. That was an interesting read. :)