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10 August 2009

Skin Food Haul

I'm back to Jakarta!! Just got back yesterday. And today when i went to a shopping mall, passed by a Skin Food outlet, i can't resist to get in there to buy a few things. So, here is my purchases:

(left to right)
- Peach Sake Pore Serum
- Apple & Tea Tree Body Mist
- Black Bean Nose Patch
- Rice Mask Wash Off
- Coffee Body Scrub
- Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion
- A free Notebook
- 5 Fresh Juice Toner Sample
- 5 Fresh Juice C Serum Sample

Actually i was just going to buy Rice Mask, Coffee Body Scrub and a facial cleansing. But when i saw the other things, i just couldn't resist to hold back =p . Luckily i forgot to browse their sunscreens or else i had to fork even more money on these. When i browsed their facial cleansing, I was torn on buying between Seaweed Cleansing Emulsion and Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion, both are for oily skin, as i told the SA that i couldn't decide to choose which one, she said if i have blemish problem i can choose the Tea Tree or else the Seaweed. So i decided to get Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion instead of Seaweed Cleansing Emulsion.

Back at home, i immediately try Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion to remove my makeup, the texture is a bit thick but not too greasy, and I'm quite satisfied with it because it does remove my makeup thoroughly.

Then after shower, i sprayed Apple & Tea Tree Body Mist on my chest and my back, it has nice apple scent and it felt cool on my skin. It is said that it can minimize blemishes on chest and back, probably i have to use more often to see the result.

I'll do the review on the other products next time =)

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