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13 August 2009

My Beauty Diary Masks

I just received my MBD masks order two days ago. I ordered them from a spree on June, but just got my package, the seller told me that it had some custom issues there. This is my first purchase on line, so it's a relief that finally it's within my reach =)

I ordered these masks with two of my friends, each of us ordered 10 pieces of mask sheet. So the seller gave us free shipping fee. Here are my masks:

Black Pearl Mask
Apple Mask
Natto Mask
Pearl Powder Mask
Q10 Rejuvenating Mask
Sake Yeast Mask
Yogurt Mask
Intensive Rice - Peptides Mask

I've used Yogurt Mask last night, It's for moisturizing and oil control. After like 30 mins or so, i peeled off the mask and quite like the after effect, my face seemed more radiant. But the next day when i woke up, my face was as oily as before. To me, the oil control function is not that good, or maybe it's just because my face is too oily? Who knows....

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