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30 September 2011

Swatch: Sinful Colors - Beautiful Girl & Vacation Time

Sinful Colors! I've heard so many great reviews about their nail polishes and such, so I was really excited when Nic sent these two beautiful nail polishes to me! She knows me so well and picked two colors that are very wearable and I love. Please check below for the swatches and short reviews from me:

Sinful Colors - Beautiful Girl 
(2 coats)
I'd describe this one as a creamy bubblegum pink, a really beautiful shade indeed. It goes on smoothly and not streaky at all. I could get away with just one coat but applied two coats instead for a more even and smooth finish. I was really surprised by it's lasting power, it lasted 4 to 5 days without any chippings, totally love this nail polish!

Sinful Colors - Vacation Time
(2 coats)
It's a beautiful brownish-pink shade with a creamy finish. Unlike Beautiful Girl, it's a little bit streaky and took me quite a while to achieve a even and smooth finish. Nevertheless, I really like how it looks on my nails. It's very work-appropriate, yet without being dull. Just like the other nail polish, its lasting power is fantastic, it lasts days without chippings! I'm in love with Sinful Colors nail polishes :D

Till next time! :)


Kalmo said...

It's so nice of Nic to send you Sinful. I like the brand because it's affordable and they have great colors. Sadly, I can never find their latest collections in my drugstores. Both colors look fantastic on you, love your nail shape btw. Glad to see an update from you! :)

RicAdeMus said...

Wow, your nails look great--it's amazing what the right polish and skill can do. =)

Marie said...

Thanks for the swatches, I like Sinful Colors nail polishes too.:D

Vacation Time is something I'd wear.:D

***** Marie *****
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Dreamy Princess said...

Lovely colors and they match well with your skin tone(:

Dreamy Princess

Shop N' Chomp said...

So gorgeous! I wonder why you got her package and not mine? =(

Yumeko said...

those look fab on u! sorry i havent been here in a while! but here i am!! xxx

Jian said...

Dunno how I managed to miss this blog post. Sorry I missed it before!

Beautiful colours! I really like both of them actually, although it's a shame Vacation Time was a bit streaky. The colour is really nice though - it feels like a sophisticated pink!

In reponse to your comment on my blueberry muffins: Eek! I didn't realise that blueberries are difficult to find in Asian countries? Although now I think about it, I've never seen them in Shanghai either. ... Hmm!

Well, I suggested to Yumeko if you can find them frozen from somewhere you could try them (thaw out first and drain in a colander). If not, I guess you could actually use chocolate chips! xD Or even try the other chocolate muffin recipe I posted about A LOOOONG time ago on my blog that I have abandoned

I think you might remember that one :P

But that also doesn't have any butter!

Sorry I can't really think of any fruit to replace it. >< There isn't really anything that's like a blueberry!... Although people also make banana and oat muffins with no butter and I can imagine them being super moist and sticky (but I absolutely hate bananas so I don't think I'll try them xD)

Radiant Make Up said...

Beautiful girl looks so pretty & they both compliment your skin tone perfectly!! x

Blair said...

I must be getting older, I actually prefer Vacation Time! A shame that the formula wasn't up to par.

Btw, regarding the package that I sent you, how did the brown paper hold up? I ran out of envelopes, and decided last minute to resort to this cheapie option >.<

Dizzy said...

Aww Nic is a sweetheart for getting you those polishes!!

Ahleessa said...

That's so nice of Nic to send you nail polishes! They're both gorgeous but I like the second better... hehe~

Eve said...

omg omg so pretty both so pretty! i bought some sinful colors from walmart website and the color was so so so different!:(

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks for the sweet note, hun! We have not been affected by the flooding so I am very grateful for that. Hope your week is going well! :D

Dizzy said...

Came to say Hi! And see how your doing?
I hope you have a awesome week hun 8)

Galaxia said...

Those are really pretty picks. I'll have to try this brand.

I hope you're doing well!

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Mui Stylelicious said...

beautiful color .... *crying* wanna have all of them haha

Wendy Ayche said...

Thanks for the review :)
Much love,