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14 October 2010

Melbourne's Wildlife

Sorry for taking this long to post this, I was so lazy to do anything after I'm back. I didn't even transfer the pictures to my laptop until two days ago. Anyhow, here's the highlight of my Melbourne trip!

When we're in Melbourne, we took our day tours from Gray Line. I think it's a great idea to take this kind of tour if you want to do sightseeing since they have a lot of tours to choose from. As for our tour, we went to Churchill Island, Phillip Island and the Ballarat Australian Wildlife Park.

At Churchill Island, we got to see wallabies (small kangaroos). Unlike kangaroos, they're so hard to approach so I only got to take their pics from far away.

**Pic Heavy**

A ten-month-old wallaby.

Baby wallaby in the mother's pouch! It's really rare sighting so the tour guide said :D
*sorry for the blurry pics, they're too far*

This one is so camera-ready :)

Then at Phillip Island we visited Koala Conservation Centre where we could see koalas from tree top boardwalks. But when we were there, we only saw one koala that's awake, koalas are sleeping most of the time.

The only one that was 'awake'.

Koala's favorite foods: gum trees.

One of the most popular wildlife attraction at Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade is where we could witness the Little Penguins returning from the sea each evening at dusk after spending the day up to 100km off the shore and watch as they leave the sea, cross the beach and go to their burrows. The Little Penguin is world's smallest penguin and only about 1ft tall. They're the cutest birds I've ever seen! (I hate don't like the rest of the bird species btw)

On our way to the Penguin Parade.

This is where we watched the Penguin Parade.

Waiting for the little penguin to come home, it was super cold!

Too bad we weren't allowed to take any photograph of the penguins even though I really wanted to do so :(. But I took this picture of the penguin plush toys for you all! The real little penguins were just as cute as these :D.

The next day we went to Ballarat Australian Wildlife Park. This is where I got to pet kangaroo and koala and also hand feed a kangaroo!

Wallabies are so much cuter than kangaroos IMHO.

I was hand-feeding this young kangaroo!

Most of the kangaroos had this kind of attitude when I tried to took their pictures.

A baby kangaroo in the pouch!

My mom said the one in the front looked dead, LOL.

They actually look kinda cute!
But until I saw this...
not so cute anymore :p

Feeding the devil with white rat.

Next, the koalas again!

This is the one that I petted! The koala's hair feels so soft and they smell really nice!

He tried to lure the koala with their favorite food!

Saw this mama koala with a baby!

I got a little obsessed with them and kept taking their pictures :p.

Love how she cuddled the baby!

I was wondering if this one's the papa koala :D

That's it for the Melbourne's wildlife adventure! Next, I'm going to make you drool :p.
Till next time!


Pop Champagne said...

the koalas are so cute! yeah I've heard that they sleep the majority of the day, no wonder they need to be nationally protected, cuz they get nothing done! hahaha

Kalmo said...

Wah so many adorable animals in one post! Thanks for sharing your travel pictures Dina! The stuffed animals are adorable. My bf is from Australia and every time I see we're at a zoo, I'm like oh there's your cousin kangaroo! LOL They look lazy XD

Kasia_B said...

Thank you so much for sharing, cuz these are amazing pictures...very Australian. lol
And all these adorable animals :)


Ashley said...

Awww! I wish I could have a Koala as a pet but then it might scratch the heck out of me!
One day I will go to Australia to see the penquin parade myself!

Jian said...

Awwwwwww too cute! I love wallabes too, they're definitely much cuter than kangeroos! When I was in Australia I was like CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

The koalas so adorable tooooooo. Although apparently they all have chlamydia...which isn't a good thing. I don't know if the person who todl me was joking though. I hope so!

Karen said...

Aww you got to see mommy-baby pairs for wallabies and koalas! Lucky girl :) I wish I got to see babies too. don't you just love the little penguins.. yeah it's too bad they don't let us take photos of it, I wish I could record it and rewatch it over and over again!!

Marie said...

So cute, thanks for taking us on a mini trip!:D

***** Marie *****

mr. pineapple man said...

the kangaroo lying is definitely a hit!! the taz devil is cuter than i imagined :)

♥ Starryxuan said...

wow! look like you had fun! :)

Blair said...

Ummm what's the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo?

I remember seeing Tasmanian Devils when I went to Aus and I was soooo disappointed that they don't resemble the one in cartoons hahaha

I'd have loved to see the penguin parade!!! *sniff*

Ahleessa said...

So many cute animals! Now I know the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo. :/ I petted a wallaby once and kept telling the students it's a kangaroo. They all got mad at me!... lol~ :X

MyMakeUpMania said...

aweeeeee! so adorable! Penguin Parade place looks so beautiful...

izumi said...

how cuteeee! i love penguins :D hahaha. and yea that tasmanian devil pic.. i was like AWW then suddenly WOAH in that pic. jeez.

i want to hand feed a kangaroo ^^

Rinz said...

ahhhhhhhhhh how cute!!! havent seen animals at the zoo for years!!!!

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Rinz @

Jennifer said...

lovely kangaroos! i tried feeding them once :P they ate hungrily from my hand. Penguins and koalas are super super cute creatures! I'd love to have a life like koalas, slow-paced, chilled out and lots of sleep lol

btw do you own any pets at home?

Calia Yang said...

OMG those koalas are wayyyyyy cuteness!!! along with the kangaroos!!

You got some nice shots of the coast/beach!! ^_^ tfs girl!

Blovet Beauty said...

koalas are the cutest .. so gentle looking :)

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! I wanna go to zoo! ><

I find that a lot of Australian animals are quite lazy? see those kangaroo and koala LOL

Tasmanian Devils actually look quite cute (when they not open their month =P)

I wanna see alpaca and meerkat too =D! haha, even they're not really native =P

Witoxicity said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a great time there. My fave animal there is the Tasmanian Devil. They do look very cute when they don't show their 'fangs'. :D

Jennifer said...

your house must be so huge!!!! which species are they? :P

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Looks like a great fun day out :)

Fifi said...

Okay, that's it. I want a koala now. Hahaha.

Thank you for sharing these pics, Dina!

RicAdeMus said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Did you see any white (albino) kangaroos at Ballarat? I agree about the kangaroos being less cute. The Tasmanian Devils remind me of something from a scifi or horror movie--so cute, and then, grrrr!!! =)

London's-beauty said...

so cutee! wow that tazmanian devil kind of looks like a massive rat >< koalas are so cute!! x

Fruity Lashes said...

aww so cute! love those kangaroos and penguins

LittoMokaa said...

Ommg they are soooooooooo cutee! I want to travel to Melbourne now XD Thank you for sharing! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love your animal pics! Ok, maybe except for the killer Tasmanian devils...hehe. ;) So happy to hear you had a great time, Dina!

sssdawna said...

wow what an adventure! those water pics are especially gorgeous : )

Serena said...

{*WOW} Your trip looks AMAZINGGGG I love vacation like these where you get to see things that you don't normal see. The koala's are TOO CUTE!
I think I would have enjoyed the Penguin Parade the most out of all the attractions you went to. That's such an awesome thing to see. I feel like you can see animals in an exhibit anywhere such as in zoos but seeing how animals in their natural habitat... priceless.

<3 Serena.

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Nice photos. The penguin plushies are cute. I was just in Australia for two months, but unfortunately never got to Melbourne. Looks like you had a great trip. :-)

Mui Stylelicious said...

Dyna, nice trip!makes me wanna go there next time :)

Anonymous said...

awww they are sooo cute ! i really want to see aussie one day :)

Anonymous said...

OMG SOOOOO CUTE!! I love animals ^^ So lucky you got to pet them too! I want to pet a koala too haha.

*~kAy~* said...

how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love looking at pictures of animals!!! :P I can look at them all day! haha :P
they all look so cute :P
the tasmanian devil growling pic hahah! :P so funny :P
i love how the koalas are cuddling <3 awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

Dizzy said...

Awww! so cute!