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30 December 2009

10 Beauty Facts

I got 10 Beauty Facts tag by Kasia

1. I just started using makeup when i'm in college. Yeah i know, it's so late :D
2. One of the first cosmetic brand that i used is Maybelline. I used their foundation, lipstick, mascara etc.
3. I can't go out without concealer and sunscreen. i feel naked without them.
4. When I was a teenager, my mother told us (me and my sisters) to use Hazeline. and i think that is why my skin had became so oily and acne prone. How i wish i could turn back the time.
5. I wear natural colors most of the time. i think it's time for me to try other colors.
6. I've never tried any liquid foundation. I started with compact powder and now get hooked on BB Cream.
7. Lip balm is a must for me cause my lips are always get chapped.
8. As I love green tea so much, i can't resist any product that has tea in it. LOL, i know it's weird.
9. I have a thing with eyeliners, i just can't get enough of them.
10. Probably most of you know that I swear by Aspirin mask. i'm keeping a twice a week routine for it.

That's really hard to list 10 'beauty' facts. I spent almost 1 hour for just thinking about it! Anyway, thank to Kasia for tagging me :)

Well, another food porn by me. Few days ago i went to my favorite Japanese restaurant, it really is my favorite! enjoy :D

Seafood Bar

Salmon Teriyaki Roll, i forgot to take pic of the whole roll. And this was the last piece :D

Soft Shell Crab, love!


Blair said...

I'm back to liquid foundations. For some reason, the BB creams that I use don't really agree with me in the long run =(

I'm the opposite! I just got into Maybelline... The first few makeup items that I bought were from MAC hahaa~

adin_22 said...

I would love to try any liquid foundation....I got so much loose powder but don't have any foundations at all...and I just got into makeup after I got married...hehe...I can't live without a lip balm too....

& girl.. those food looks so yummy...

Blair said...

Forgot to mention that I LOVE soft shell crab too!!! High five Dina!

Tammy said...

I'm not very good with sunscreen but I try to wear it everyday now. What kind of sunscreen and concealer do you use regularly?

amynaree said...

yummmmm all the seafood looks so yummy! i can't go out without concealer either, for some reason I feel like I look like a zombie w/out it hehe

Kasia_B said...

I spent a lot writting it too! It's hard to think of all 10 of them. I love green tea too!! And I also wouldnt go out with at least a concealer.
I've had a problem of chapped lips too untill I tried Blistex' lipstick Complete Moisture. Try it out if you have an access to it :)

I enjoyed reading this post! Thanks! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love this tag, sweetie! I am with you on #3, 5, 7, and 8 hee hee. :D Nom nom nom...your food porn just made my day! I need me a Salmon Teriyaki Roll now. XD

witoxicity said...

I can identify with many of what you've listed in the beauty facts list. As for No.5, I used to like only neutral colours too, but lately, have been branching out. I think you should give it a try too. It can be fun! :D

Oh, yummy yummy food again! Looks so delish! :)

Diane said...

The food looks YuMMy, you're making me hungry. =)

I love green tea too, and lip balm is my best friend, haha. Wow you never tried liquid foundation, I never used concealer until recently.

Great list hun!

*~kAy~* said...

Dang that took a long time for you to come up with this tag! :P Nonetheless, it was fun to read!

mmm... you make me crave japanese food now :P

Toothfairy said...

oh I haven't used any makeup before the age of 16 or so... I think that's pretty late as well!

and from the pictures, you don't even need that much makeup, you look pretty already!

I wear naturals colors as well... all time favourites!

happy nye dina!

Dee said...

That Salmon Teriyaki roll looks so good! I haven't had sushi in so long. You know, you always make me hungry Dina. LOL Green tea is so yummy, I can't be without that too!

Miss K. You said...

Food pon is the best! Lip balm and eyeliner are my staple products :p happy new year Dina!

P.S. Has your package arrived? I hope it doesn't get lost !

acutelife said...

Hi darling :D Im in jakarta now, care for a meet up? ;) email me your number so we can talk on the phone ^^
btw, maybeline is my first cosmetic too lolz I used the two way cake powder and lipgloss. and I started after I finished my first degree so worry not, Im behind you lolz

Popcorn said...

yum~ the food looks good!!!!!

I these kinds of tags! hehe. I started using makeup this year. Well its not like I wear it outside only at home for posts. hehe funny right?

Juli said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh foooooooooooooood!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE salmon. Ahhh now I want to get sushi lol

FriendzCentury said...

Yummy Food pics :)
Lip balm is definitely a must have for me and I have a 'thing' with eyeliners too hehe.

Daituf said...

I started using makeup even later: when I graduated college and started work.
That's when i started to break out massively! Had to get concealer and foundation to cover up...
Somehow that led to a makeup addiction...:S
I found a new DIY mask that's similar to the aspirin one...but involves green tea! Will let u know if it works well :D

Rai said...

Maybelline was my first brand of makeup too! lol

Toothfairy said...

Happy nye Dina!

You are featured on my latest post:


Vanilla said...

dear that shoes cost me 415ribu here
how mcuh is it in jakarta?
i actually have been lemming for months since when i was in jakarta

PiinkPoodle said...

Mmm.. seafood is so yummy.. =) i ate sushi yesterday.

K said...

Great food! Happy New Year dear!!

MizzJ said...

Omg that food looks so good!!! I'm craving Jap now haha

ko0ty said...

I love eyeliner too!! It's the one make up product I absolutely can't live without.