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23 September 2009

Bio-essence Deep Cleansing Milk

As I’ve said on my previous post currently I’m back in my hometown.. and the internet connection at here is very limited so I can’t be online all the time, just a few for checking.. so please pardon me for the lack of update on this blog =)

And now I want to share a very funny thing about my brother.. this Bio-essence Deep Cleansing Milk was my brother’s.. Yap, I was shock too when I found out my brother used this, cause when I saw this cleansing milk, I thought it was my Mum’s... how the heck did my brother have to use a cleansing milk? Did he use makeup? LOL… then he told me when he purchased this, he thought this cleansing milk is for cleanser, and when he tried to use this as a normal cleanser, he thought that the texture is more suitable for moisturizing.. so from that on, he used this as a moisturizer plus sunscreen for 1 year!!! I was even more shock!! Then I told him this one is for removing makeup residues, didn’t he read the description? He said he didn’t… haha… but he claimed after using this as a moisturizer, his skin felt smoother and recommended me to use this too… LOL…

Now this Bio-essence Deep Cleansing Milk belongs to me, he gave me this right after I told him about removing makeup, cause he feels weird for using this while he knows the main function of this product… haha…

I’ve used this for a few times, I like the texture and I think it’s quite good for removing makeup… very gentle and doesn’t sting at all… but I still looking for my HG makeup remover, and will have to try another product…

P.S.: I have my brother permission to blog about this =)

19 September 2009

Starbuck Napkins & Pocky

Yap, i'm talking about Starbuck napkins, not the drinks... Recently when i was browsing i found out that some people are using Starbuck napkins as blotting sheet. They said it work wonders and far more better than Clean&Clear's. So i decided to give it a try...

I grabbed some napkins when i got the chance, err.. i mean when i bought a drink... :p

and... it works!!!

It totally blot all the oil off my face. Now i can save up my money from purchasing any blotting sheet cause this one is absolutely free!!! You guys should try it out too...
Also from, i found out that "Toilet seat covers" can blot oil too. It's so funny for me to think how they discover it. i mean i wouldn't ever think of using toilet seat covers to cover my face. you know what i mean right? hehe.. but after reading those reviews and some raves about it, i think i'm going to try it too.. lol.. but in Indonesia, we hardly find any toilet seat covers..

And for the Pocky!!
i just bought two flavor of pocky yesterday, choco banana and milk. i think they are quite new in Indonesia and i've never tried them before.

i'm not a banana lover, actually i don't really like banana.. but since i'm curious about how it tastes like, i'm giving it a try.... and no, i don't like it, and won't buy it anymore.. it tastes so banana, well.. it is banana flavor.. i like the milk one though, but i think it's too sweet..
The best pocky i've ever tasted are these two:

i bought them when i was in Taiwan. they taste sooo yummy.. i forget what their flavor are, but from the picture, i assume that they are cookie and almond.. sadly that i can't find them anywhere in Indonesia..
there is Pocky Men's too, my brother bought this.. also in Taiwan..

Although it says bitter chocolate, it's not so bitter and not so sweet either.. i think Pocky Men's is not just for men right? cause i quite like it.. lol..

tomorrow i'm going back to my hometown for 2 or 3 weeks. cause it's holiday here in Indonesia and there's my sister's wedding too... hopefully i can still blog when i'm there..

17 September 2009

Small Haul (Lonely Shopping)

I just went out to a mall today. My bf isn't here, and i've stayed at home all the time for the past few days. So before i'm bored to death, i decided to go shopping by myself. But i'm quite happy about it because i've bought a few things. So, this is my small haul....

- The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick : I've been wanting to try this product since my Maybelline Concealer is almost finished. Because it claims to help fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming, and i can't wait to try it.
- The Body Shop Retractable Blusher Brush : I don't have a proper brush, so decided to buy this one since it's easy for on-the-go and quite soft too.
- NYX Mosaic Powder Blush Spice : There is not much choice of shades here, and the SA recommended me this.
- NYX Tinted Lip Spa Orange Passion : Actually i was going to buy lipstick not tinted lip, but the SA told me this one is the best seller, and i'm interested with it's moisturizing and nourishing benefit as i tend to have cracked lips.

Other than that, i also bought two dresses and a shoe:

And finally i've tried Red Mango Frozen Yogurt! I know I'm SO late, but they came to Indonesia just two months ago. I tried their Mochi Berry, it is so yummy! This is the best frozen yogurt i've ever tried so far... i'm not exaggerating...

Doesn't it look yummy? *wink*

Wait.. There is more! I bought two mini cupcakes for myself...

*sorry for the bad lighting, it was taken in my room*

The left side cupcake is vanilla flavor, and the other one is triple chocolate flavor. I've tried the triple chocolate, and it is very nice.. not too sweet.. just nice for my taste.. I'm going to try the vanilla tomorrow! They've got a website too, you guys can check it out here.

Overall, shopping alone is not so bad. I'm quite enjoying it actually... =)

16 September 2009

Gossip Girl Season 3

I've just watched the new season of Gossip Girl. And i loooooooveeee it!!

Best quote of this episode, in my opinion:
Blair: [role playing] Waiter, this glass is dirty! And I've been waiting far too long!
Chuck: I apologize, ma'am. Surely, there's some way I can make up for the poor service.
Blair: I can think of a few ways.

Chuck and Blair are so cute and funny together!

15 September 2009

Review: MBD Masks & Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on

MBD : Q10 Rejuvenating Mask

This mask gave me a slightly dewy look on the next day i used it, and i really like it. As it claims, it does give me a soothing feel. I definitely will repurchase this.

MBD: Intensive Peptides Mask

This mask doesn't do anything to me. Just like any other masks. But my friend likes it, she didn't tell me why though. But it does smell good. Maybe i have to give it another shot.

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on

I bought this last week, and still waiting for the result. It claims to reduce eye bags and dark circles in 4 weeks. I really love the cooling effect from it. Hopefully in 2 or 3 more weeks i can get the result as i have quite obvious dark circle under my eye. Actually i was going to buy this last month when i was in Singapore. Luckily i didn't buy, well, i almost did, but when i saw the back of its packaging, i saw that it's produced in Indonesia. I immediately put it back on shelf. I think if it's made in Indonesia, it must be cheaper here. The price in Singapore is S$19.90. And i bought it under IDR 50000 here (around S$7.00). See the price difference? I think sometimes things are too overpriced in Singapore.

11 September 2009

First Blog Awards!

The lovely and sweet Nicola a.k.a adin_22 awarded me three awards at once! Thank you so much Nicola!

Blogger Buddie Award
Expressions of You Award
For this award, you are supposed to nominate 12 blogs that you love to read.
So i nominate (in no particular order):
Spoiled Rotten
*~ning*star House of Collection~*
** Welcome to my World**
Shop N' Chomp
A little bit of eki
bee creative - [ insert creative tagline here ]
Amy Naree
Funkiimonkee's Beauty Blog
...::: M y M a k e - U p M a n i a :::...
DSK Blogs NOW!
Shanghainese Dumpling

Kreativ Blogger
To accept this award do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

1. When i was in my junior high school day, i was crazy about watching wrestling (yeah, shame on me.. but i didn't wrestle!), i never miss a match and since then i idolize a wrestler, even until now.. He is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I don't know why, just like him so much, although i knew that his movies are suck, i still want to watch them.. haha..

2. I'm allergic to bread, any kind of bread. I don't know why, it started when i was in my senior high school. After eating bread, my whole body will start to itch, even my scalp. Does anybody allergic to bread too? It's weird... I miss eating bread though... :(
3. I'm scared of bird, all of bird (except Penguin i think, i've never met any though :p). It started with a stupid reason, i ate a fried chicken with one feather still on it. It disgusted me so much, since then i'm scared to see feather. Stupid me..
(not going to put bird picture, you know why.. :p)

4. My lifetime goal is to travel around the world. Love to see every different culture in different places. I really wish this dream could come true....
5. I don't know how to swim, actually all my siblings also don't. It's funny because our house only a few meters apart from sea. I know that i have to learn to swim someday..

6. I used to like to watch horror movie, even loved to read horror novel too. But since me, my brother and my cousin watched a Korean horror movie in cinema at night, and after we finished watching we walked (actually ran) to home at 11 p.m. where the path we took was quite eerie. Then at night i had nightmare, i repeatedly saw some scenes from the movie. It scared me to hell. Since then i hardly watch a horror movie..

7. When i was young, i liked to bite and pinch people. I don't remember why.. My sister always call me Squirrel (for biting) and Crab (for pinching).. Thanks God she doesn't call me these now.

And for this Kreativ Blogger Award, i nominate:
(not in particular order)

And I also received an award from rhain, Thank you so much!
Beauty Blogger

09 September 2009

Etsy Finds & Ezzibell Jewelry Giveaway!

Lately i was addicted to etsy. I've been browsing etsy all day long, and still can't get enough of it ;p.. Here are some of my finds, there's still more actually, maybe I'll post it on my next post...
*click the images for details*

Passport Case by DearSukie

Laptop Bag - Leafy by TrackandFieldDesigns

Ezzibell Jewelry Giveaway!

Enter Here (Ends: September 28th 2009)

07 September 2009

Sunday Outing

I went out with my bf yesterday, went to a mall for lunch and watching movie. I didn't eat Steak for quite a long time, so decided to try American Grill as i heard my friend said it's not bad. And It's really good, I'll definitely go there again.

Steak & BBQ Rib + Mashed Potato

This was my bf's. He wanted to try their Beef Rib, and he was so pleased after ate it. The rib was really nice (as i type I'm drooling for it now.. LOL). But don't really like the steak, forgot to tell the waiter for medium well instead of well done. And i ordered their Malibu Chicken (forgot to take a picture of it, well.. actually i did but when i remembered, the chicken only left half ;p), a mozzarella cheese topping fried chicken, i love cheese so i love this too. The best part of American Grill is their appetizers and desserts are ALL YOU CAN EAT!! Ha! We'd tried their salad, cakes, ice cream, and soup. All are good, i esp. love their salad (so many choices!) and cakes.

After lunch, we went to watch Final Destination 4. I initially didn't want to watch it, but my bf insisted. Don't like this movie, it ways too grossed (except that the main actor is cute ;p). And the way the people died there doesn't make sense to me. For example, when one of girl died from hitting by a tire and broke into pieces. I really don't recommend to watch this movie. I've watched the past three of this movie, and i think this one is the grossest one. Can you imagine that we watched this right after we had lunch? Eww...