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28 July 2009

Skin Food Wish List =)

After previous post, i didn't purchase any other Skin Food products. It's because i am currently back at my home in Bintan (I did all my purchases in Jakarta). Even when i went to Singapore, i didn't buy any because i heard that Singapore's Skin Food is way more expensive than Jakarta's. But still, i wish to buy more products from Skin Food. My list is getting longer and longer... Hehe.. Here's my wish list:

Pomegranate Ferment Whitening Sleeping Mask (Whitening Skin Care)
Peppermint Pore Diet Peel-Off Mask
Rice Mask
Black Sugar Mask
Black Sesame Seed Hot Mask
Black Bean Nose Pack
Chlorella Nose Clear Patch
Apple & Tea Tree Body Clean Mist
Coffee Body Scrub
Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream
Peach Sake Ice Mist
Peach Sake Sunscreen Lotion SPF32 PA++ (UV Protection)
Broccoli Sunscreen Cream SPF42 PA+++ (UV Protection)
Tomato Sunscreen Cream SPF 36 PA++ (UV Protection)
Aloe Sunscreen Essence SPF27 PA++ (UV Protection)
Green Coffee Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++
Salmon Brightening Eye Range
Tomato Whitening Spot Serum (Whitening Skin Care)
Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #4 Shine Black Bloom

Wow.. i didn't realize it will be this much :p. And i don't think i can get it all in Jakarta's outlets. Probably i have to purchase them from a Spree.
It's too bad that my sister will not have her honeymoon in Korea, if she does, i can ask her to buy them all for me... hehe..

*Update* (August 10th 2009):
Just bought some Skin Food products and had fulfilled a few items from my wish list =)

*Update* (August 14th 2009):
I've bought my eye shadow!!